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Tips for Building Items Hero Silvanna

How to Play Silvanna Mobile Legends

mrfdn – Silvanna is the newest Mobile Legends hero in mobile legends which appeared after Wanwan’s presence. You may have tried this fighter genre hero.

Silvanna has the ability to confine enemies so she is very suitable to be relied on in 1 on 1 battle mode.

Therefore, Silvanna is very reliable in the early game to get a lot of gold and raise the level of the team.

Silvanna can defeat enemies with magic damage.

Many say that this Silvanna is the female version of Zilong. Is that true?

Read on for the explanation below.

Recommended build equipment Silvanna

The build that is suitable for silvanna is a magic damage build. Including the following.

  • Feather of heaven
  • Magic shoes (increases durability)
  • Concentrated energy (better durability)
  • Athena’s shield
  • blood wings
  • Immortality

Skill tips

tips for playing hero silvanna in mobile legends

Skill 1 cometic lance

Silvanna’s 1st skill is useful for chasing enemies. Enemies affected by this skill attack will get a stun effect for 1 second.

Use cometic lance to increase movement skill.

Skill 2 spiral strangling

With this skill, Silvanna will get a shield while she will pull the enemy into the middle and then give magic damage.

The shield is also useful for absorbing damage from opponents and providing counter kills against opponents.

Imperial justice skill 3

Silvana’s ultimate skill will make this fighter hero jump to a predetermined area and give magic damage and slow movement to the effect area around the opponent.

If the enemy is in the vicinity of Silvana he will have difficulty moving for the next 3.5 seconds.

The addition given to the ultimate skill is 100 percent attack speed and magic lifesteal.

How to get Silvanna combo

Skill 3 – skill 2 – skill 1.

How to play silvanna in the early game

Before reaching level 4, use skill 2 to clear minions quickly. Then collect gold by doing jungling.

To help nearby friends, use skills 1 and 2.

How to play silvanna in mid game

After Silvana gets the ultimate skill she can be relied on to chase the enemy.

Use this skill at the right time to help friends to eliminate opponents.

How to play silvanna in late game

After all the skills are collected and the level is maximum, don’t be in a hurry to issue all the skills.

Do it at the right time so that the enemy can be eliminated quickly.

Video how to play Silvanna

The final word

Those are tips for playing hero Silvanna. Hopefully these tips are useful for those of you who just want to play hero fighter with this build mage.

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