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Tips for Build Layla Mobile Legend to MVP

These are tips for building Layla mobile legend and how to play hero marksman to get MVP and maniac

mrfdn – You must be familiar with this one hero. Layla comes with her ability as a marksman.

When you first start the mobile legend game, you will be invited to practice with this one hero, around the first 3 to 4 levels.

Many do not know that Layla is very dangerous in the late game.

the latest build layla mobile legends hurts

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Layla’s advantages

  • The marksman hero who has the farthest shot range, the higher the level, the farther the shot range.
  • Easy to learn
  • Have high burst damage
  • Attack towers and minions faster

Layla’s Weaknesses

Like all marksman heroes, soft at the beginning and so even if you are in crowd control (cc)

Layla’s Skills

  • Skill 1 is useful for cleaning minions and farming at the beginning
  • Skill 2 is the same as skill 1
  • Skill 3 Layla will fire a bigger shot as an ulti


Build the best Layla items

  • Haas’s claws – increase physical attack
  • Swift boots – increase attack speed
  • Beskerfer’s fury – to increase physical attack
  • Windtalker – to increase attack speed and movement speed
  • Blade of despair – to increase physical attack and attack speed
  • Scerlet Phantom – to increase physical attack and attack speed

Battle speed Layla

  • Retribution – to kill the minions faster
  • Inspire – to increase attack speed
  • Flicker – to quickly escape when attacked suddenly

Layla’s Emblem


Tips for playing Layla to MVP

  • At the beginning of the game try to build items that can speed up the shot
  • Keep your distance from your opponent
  • Always go with friends
  • You can help a friend by protecting the tower by roaming (around the map)
  • Faming as much as possible at the beginning of the game to make gold item builds
  • The hero lock mode feature in mobile legend will be useful for targeting certain heroes to be shot using skill 3

Layla is weak against fighter heroes and assassins

  • Natalia
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • Hayabusa
  • Fanny

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The final word

Those are the tips for building Layla mobile legend, hopefully these tips will lead you to become an mvp and savage player. Please try.

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