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The Most Feared Hero in Season 18 of Mobile Legend

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Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. This time we will discuss the Most Feared Hero in Season 18 of Mobile Legend, Check this out !!.

Here’s the Most Feared Hero in Mobile Legends

1. Ling

hero ling

The most feared first hero in Mobile Legend is Ling. Ling is a hero assassin who has extraordinary skills where Ling can jump from wall to wall quickly and can move anywhere in the battlefield and Ling can escape from danger quickly. Ling has Defiant Sword skill that can deal permanent critical damage and this skill can deal large Burst Damage. In addition, Ling has a very deadly ultimate skill where he can jump into the air and take out his swordsmanship and become invincible and can move freely and cause a knock up effect area. So this ultimate skill can help ling avoid deadly damage and ling can cause a crowd control effect if it hits an opponent with the core of this skill. By touching Field Eye, Ling can Reset Defiant Sword and recover Lightness Point and deal Burst Damage.

Build Ling

ling hero items

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2. Helcurt

hero helcurt

The second most feared hero in Mobile Legend is Helcurt. Helcurt is a hero assassin specializing in Change Burst Damage who has deadly skills. Helcurt has a skill that can give the enemy a silence effect so that the enemy cannot use the skill for a short time. In addition, Helcurt has the Deadly Stinger skill which is the main damage skill possessed by Helcurt which if this skill has a full stack it will give very drastic damage to the enemy. And the ultimate skill that can block the opponent’s hero’s vision and increase the movement speed of helcurt, is very good combined with skill 2 so that the enemy is quickly eliminated.

Build Helcurt

Helcurt hero items

3. Barats

western heroes

The third most feared hero in Mobile Legend is Barats. Barats is a Hero Fighter Tank who specializes in Damage/Crowd Control which has high damage and durability. Barats have a passive where every Barats get a Stack, then the size of the Barats will be bigger and increase its Damage. This passive skill is the key to damage from Barats because it can get an increase in Physical, Magic Defense and Resilience. In addition, Barats has an ultimate that can swallow an opponent’s hero and spit it out in a specified direction. If it is hit by an opponent’s hero or a wall, it will cause a stun effect to the opponent’s hero.

Build Barats

western hero items

4. Uranus

Uranus heroes

The fourth most feared hero in Mobile Legend is Uranus. Uranus is a Regen Special Tanker Hero that is very annoying in this Season. Uranus has a skill that can regenerate HP continuously so it is not easy to beat. Uranus has skills that can regenerate his HP quickly and increase his abilities. Uranus has skill 2 which can change to a specified place and produce Energy Shield and will explode giving damage to the opponent. In addition, Uranus has an Ultimate skill that can regenerate his HP and increase his strength. Uranus is a hero bar bar that overwhelms the opponent because in addition to his thick HP, he also has a very fast HP regen.

Build Uranus

Uranus Hero Items

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5. Yu Zhong

hero yu zhong

The most feared first hero in Mobile Legend is Yu Zhong. Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who specializes in Regen Damage with high damage and high lifesteal. Yu Zhong has skill 1 which can do damage with his cloak in the surrounding area in a short time. Yu Zhong also has skill 2 which releases Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect to the opponent. In addition, Yu Zhong has skill 3 which can jump to a predetermined area, dealing physical damage and causing an Airbone effect to the opponent it hits. Yu Zhong also has the ultimate skill that can transform into Black Dragon Mode and gain immunity to crowd control, ignore obstacles, increase max HP and cause a knockback effect when the opponent’s hero is in his path. When exiting Black Dragon Mode, Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid Mode for 10 seconds, and during this mode Yu Zhong gains distance and skill increases from all his skills.

Build Yu Zhong

yu zhong hero items

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