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The Latest PUBG Mobile Update Has Angry Birds Features

mrfdn – I don’t know what is the motivation for pubg mobile to provide the angry bird feature in the 0.16 update this time. This angry bird event starts from December 11 to December 30, 2022 only.

You if you still see it today you can do this trick to get some bonuses. But unfortunately to be able to play this feature you need a minimum of 60 uc.

While the fastest way to get pubg mobile uc is by buying it at a price of 14,000 we can get 60 uc. It’s only for one game.

Is it worth it?

The bonuses that were obtained at this event were such as the engry bird helmet, angry bird bag, angry bird skydiving skin, angry bird airplane skin, and angry bird pan.

angry birds pubg mobile skins

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How to get the Angry Bird PUBG skin

If your UC is sufficient, please open the event in the lobby.

Click the angry bird event, then enter the required amount of UC.

Then play the angry bird game that is there. Angry birds will be fired at the target which if hit you will get the bonus directly.

After getting the bonus, please open your inventory then look for any bags, pans, or skins that you get and use them. 🙂

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