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The Hero Who Can Stop Fanny While Flying

Fanny is one of the most difficult Mobile Legends heroes to play. Because of the difficulty it takes a long time to master the hero. This is because his 2nd skill is Steel Cable. This skill makes Fanny fly with her cord if it hits a wall. When Fanny flies with her cable it is very difficult to stop. Even though using CC, Fanny still continued to fly towards the cable.

For example when using Ultimate Saber to Fanny who is flying. Even though Fanny has been hit by Ultimate, Fanny is still flying towards the cable. So the right time to stop Fanny is when Fanny will stop. Even so, it turns out that there are several heroes who can stop Fanny even though she is flying. What are the heroes, all of them have been summarized in 6 Yang Heroes Could Stop Fanny When Fly.

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1. Chou

Chou can stop Fanny while flying using her 3rd skill which is The Way of Dragon : Chou will kick the enemy back and deal physical damage. When using this skill again in the air, the enemy will be exposed to additional physical damage.

This skill can stop Fanny while flying. Only by using her Ultimate, Fanny will be easily stopped by Chou even for a moment while flying. But unfortunately the range of use of this skill is very small, so to use it on Fanny it must be very close.

2. Nana

With Nana’s 2nd skill, Morph Spell: Nana will target an enemy hero and will turn him into a Cat Dragon. In addition, the movement speed when becoming a cat will decrease for 3 seconds. This attack will produce magic damage.

This skill has a wide enough range to hit the target. perfect for stopping the very agile Fanny. So you don’t have to work hard to catch up with Fanny.

3. Zilong

Zilong has a skill that can stop Fanny when flying, namely skill 1 Spear Flip : Zilong will throw enemies behind him using his spear. Produces 300 physical damage.

With his 1st skill, Zilong can easily stop even Fanny who is flying. Use the 3-2-1 skill combination to chase Fanny.

4. Ruby

Skill 2 Ruby Don’t Run, Wolf King! : Ruby will spin her scythe twice. Each round will produce physical damage and stun effect for 0.5 seconds. This attack also makes the enemy move towards Ruby and enemies near Ruby will receive 30% damage.

Using this skill Ruby can stop or catch Fanny even though she is flying. But to stop Fanny from using skill 2, it takes the right timing to do it, considering that Fanny’s hero is very fast.

5. Moscow

Moskov’s 2nd skill is Spear of Death : Moskov will issue an attack that can push the enemy back and deal damage. If there is another enemy behind him, then both of them will be pushed and hit damage and stun for 1 second. If the skill hits a wall or other obstacle, the stun will increase to 2 seconds.

With his 2nd skill, Moskov can stop Fanny even though she is flying. It would be better if the target hit the wall to prolong the stun time.

6. Vexana

This hero turns out to be able to stop Fanny when flying with skill 1 Charmed Specter : Vexana will issue a ghost hand forward and produce magic damage. The first hero hit by the attack will move forward for a few seconds.

Using this skill, Fanny can be stopped while flying. But unfortunately it is very difficult to hit it, because using skill 1 Vexana must be right on target.

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