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Tank Users Must Know!!! In order to winstreak.

Tank Users Must Know!!! In order to winstreak. | GEAR MLBB

In this post, we will discuss about tanks, a role that is still widely avoided for various reasons. Whereas tanks are the main key in team play. So here we will explain what needs to be done and how to use tanks wisely. For those who already understand, you can skip this article or share knowledge in the comments column smartly and politely


The tank has a different type of play. And we will divide into three types of tanks, namely:
The following is an explanation of the types of tanks:
Usually the aggressive tank type is a hero who can suppress the enemy lane from the start of the game. Heroes that are suitable for tank aggressiveness are tanks that from the start already have high damage skills or have stund or slow skills, which will make it easier to suppress and kill enemies at the beginning of the game.
Example: grock with high damage, hylos with very annoying slow, or Lolita with stund.
Defensive tanks are usually tanks that from the start already have high and thick HP, or have skills that can protect the lane from enemy attacks. Defensive tanks are not the main choice to do ganking at the beginning of the game. However, once they have advanced to level 4, they are the key to teamfight.
Example: Minotaur with his ultimate that has a stund area. Or Akai with his deadly spin that can pin the enemy against the wall.
The main task of a supportive tank is to protect the carry or midlaner from enemy attacks and open maps by checking the area/grass around the farming carry area.
Example: Lolita with her Shield can protect her carry from enemy attacks when farming.
If you already understand and understand the type of tank, then we will discuss the game lane of the tank.
A good tank has the ability to:
vChoosing the Right Tank in Gameplay
Here is the explanation.
When the game starts, choose the lane wisely, and go straight to where the lane carry is, then open the map and check the grass around the lane whether there are enemies or not.
Give all exp and god to carry, by buying the initial item roal (Wooden Mask). Don’t forget to help carry kill Jungle and Buff.
Always pay attention to the mini map. Example: when the enemy’s mid position disappears, immediately open a map in the area around the carry or it can also be by hiding in the grass so that the carry will get a wide view of the map and know whether he will be ganked by the enemy or not.
Give kills to carry if possible. Never take a kill if the carry can take the enemy’s last hit. Example: when the enemy is alone, the tank must give a kill to the carry. But if it’s in a team fight and the carry is in a position that can’t give the enemy a last hit, then the tank can kill the enemy.
Prioritize protecting the carry no matter what. Keep the carry alive and don’t let it die. Example: When the carry is being chased by the enemy, the tank should never run behind the carry, allow the carry to retreat first and protect the carry from being chased by the enemy so that the carry does not die. Better a dead tank than a dead carry.
When doing a teamfight, the task of the tank will be divided into two, namely:
As the initiator, his job is to focus on opening team fights, being a shield for the team and targeting the enemy’s carry.
As a protector, which protects the carry from enemy attacks that are after it. Usually assassins or enemy tanks. Always be close to the carry position so that the enemy does not dare to kidnap the carry.
Now it’s also important to know the item building of a tank. When using tanks, one of the things that must be considered is what items need to be made. Don’t get it wrong or make a mistake in making item building.
If the enemy uses more heroes with damage mage types, then make items that have more magic resist than armor ones.
Conversely, if the enemy uses more heroes with physical damage types, then you should make lots of items that provide armor rather than magic resist.
Be wise in choosing the tank to be used, because not all tanks are suitable for use against all heroes, for example:
Use Johnson when the enemy has more heroes that provide physical. Because Johnson’s passive is that he will get a Shield according to his armor. The higher Johnson’s armor, the greater the shield he gets.
Use Belerick if the enemy uses a hero that deals Multiple or continuous damage (Example: Kimmy, Claude), because Belerick’s passive skill is to reverse damage to the nearest enemy.
Well now you understand how to use tanks. Playing a tank is not only careless but requires patience and good teamwork. And tank users also have to understand hero skills. If you want to be a pro player, you must also be able to use tanks.



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