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Hero assassin is a hero who specializes in killing. Especially for killing marksman heroes and their opponent’s mages. No wonder each skill has its own uniqueness. Even so, every assassin hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can find out the strengths and weaknesses if you often play the hero. Well this time I have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each hero assassin. What are the advantages and disadvantages, just go ahead inread to the end.

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1. Saber

Excess : With his Ultimate Saber can counter all heroes except Digger. Very effective for kidnapping enemy carry heroes.

Weakness : In dire need of cover from his teammates. The weakest hero among assassin heroes.
2. Alucard

Excess : Has a large life steal so you won’t be worried about your cellphone. Also with his passive skill Alucard can chase opponents who are running away.

Weakness : The weakness of this hero is when dealing with opposing heroes who have CC (crowd control).
3. Karina

Excess : the best executor of all the existing heroes. All of his skills will get a cooldown reduction if he manages to kill his opponent or get an assist. This hero is very reliable in killing his dying opponent.

Weakness : It’s useless to keep the turrent alone. And also this hero can’t help during open war. So all he did was wait for the opponent to die.
4. Zilong

Excess : With skill 3 (Ultimate) this hero will be fast and strong. Can chase and escape from his opponent easily. Moreover, the Ultimate is quite long and has a short cooldown. It’s great to use this hero for push turrent.

Weakness : Relying heavily on his 3rd skill. So if skill 3 has been used this hero will be quite difficult to escape from his opponent. Ultimate can also be stopped if hit by a stun.
5. Fanny

Excess : The agile and fastest hero in Mobile Legends because of his 2nd skill, namely steel cable. No one can catch up with Fanny. Easy to chase the enemy and easy to escape from the enemy. This hero is very fast in killing his opponent.
Weakness : Very difficult to play considering Fanny has a difficulty level of up to 100 points. So it takes hard training in order to master this hero. Also Fanny is weak in the late game and can be stopped by Nana (skill 2), Aurora (passive skill), Saber (skill 3).
6. Hayabusa

Excess : Can clear paths and jungles quickly. Using skill 2 can dodge and attack enemies easily. Very superior if One by one with other heroes
Weakness : His ultimate has many weaknesses, namely it is not effective if there are minions/monsters/heroes around him. So the Ultimate will hurt if the opponent is alone. Also the Ultimate can be stopped with skill 2 Lancelot.
7. Natalia

Excess : Can eliminate its existence with passive skills. Very suitable for sneaking around in the opponent’s area without being noticed. This hero can support the opponent easily.
Weakness : When Natalia disappears, she can be detected by enemies around her. And the passive skill can be canceled if it is hit by the opponent’s skill area. So this hero will have difficulty if he meets Saber (skill 1) and Rafaela (skill 1).
8. LapuLapu

Excess : Has many skills at his disposal. And will get stronger if you use the Ultimate.
Weakness : Weak if the Ultimate is up. And all of his skills have a long cooldown. Even though Lapu-Lapu relies heavily on his skills.
9. Lancelot

Excess : Has sick damage among assassin heroes. Also has an immune that can thwart his opponent’s skills. Moreover, skills 2 and 3 have a fairly short cooldown.

Weakness : Must keep his distance when facing an opponent. Skill 2 is not effective enough when close to Lanvelot. Ultimate is also easy to thwart because skill 3 has a pause. So Lancelot will be weak when dealing with fighters. Especially if you are face to face with Hilda, Alucard and Fanny.
10. Lesley

Excess : Hero with the greatest critical. It really hurts when it’s late game. And also Lesley used energy compared to mana. Like a sniper, Lesley can attack his opponent from a long distance using his Ultimate.

Weakness : None of his attacks have any area. So Lesley can only focus on one opponent. Cannot attack the opponent at once.

So from the article above, hopefully all of you who read it can add insight about this. And don’t forget to keep visiting this site to get information about tips and tricks from android games that are currently popular.

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