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Sick Nana Item Build 2022 from RRQ Lemon

Hero support is one of the hero roles in Mobile Legends. This role usually helps carry heroes on the team. Thanks to yesterday’s MPL, hero support now has another place in the current meta. One of the mainstay support heroes is Nana.

Nana is a hero with a support mage role in Mobile Legends. Who does not know this hero? This super annoying hero is because of his 2nd skill that can turn the enemy into a rabbit. So this hero will be quite annoying for the enemy.

If we talk about hero mages, surely we will remember one of the best user mages in Indonesia. RRQ Lemon, this fruit is like an elien when he uses a mage. In addition to the skills that we have to imitate, we also have to imitate some of the settings before the match. What are the emblem sets, battle spells and items used by RRQ Lemon, when she uses Nana.

Therefore, we from GMLBB this time will thoroughly discuss this one Support Mage hero. We will start discussing Nana’s mainstay skills, the right set of emblems, Battle spells and of course the 2022 Painful Nana Build Item from RRQ Lemon, which you can use in matches.
Just move on to our main discussion, namely the skills that you can rely on when you use Nana.

Passive (Molina’s Gift)

Molina Blessings will transform Nana for 2 seconds when she takes deadly damage. In this duration, Nana will be immune to all damage and her movement speed will increase by 70%. In transformation mode, Nana will regenerate 10% of her max HP, but she cannot use skills. Molina’s Blessings can be activated every 120 seconds.
Skill 1 (Magic Boomerang):

Mana Cost: 65

Nana threw a Magic Boomerang in the designated direction. Every time a Boomerang hits an opponent, it will deal 220(+80% total magic power) magic damage and cause a slow effect to the opponent by 40% for 1.5 seconds. The first opponent will take full damage. Subsequent opponents will take 20% less damage, up to 60% less damage.

Mana Cost: 120

Nana called Molina in the designated direction. After a while, Molina will lock one enemy hero, chase them and transform them, dealing 250(+50% total magic power) magic damage and slowing them by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Reduces magic defense of transformed heroes by 25%.

Mana Cost: 135

Nana summons Molina to attack the designated area 3 times. Each attack deals 400(+180 total magic power) Magic damage to enemies in the area and slows them down by 50% for 2 seconds. If Molina Blitz hits the same opponent continuously, the opponent will be stunned for 1 second.
Those are Nana’s skills that you can use during matches. Next, we will discuss the emblem set for Nana which is commonly used by RRQ Lemon.

Mage Emblem Set:

When dealing damage more than 7% of the target’s max HP 3 times for 5 seconds, it will burn the target 3 times, each burn effect deals 82~250 magic damage. This effect has a cooldown of 12 seconds.
Fires a flaming shot in a designated direction that can knock back the enemy in front, dealing 400 (+100% total magic power)-640 (+160% total magic power) magic damage (scaled with distance) to the hit opponent. and slows them down by 60% for 2 seconds.

Sick Nana Item Build 2022 from RRQ Lemon:

+15% Magical Lifesteal

Attributes: +50% damage to passive monsters unique-recharge: Defeat the opponent’s hero to restore HP by 10%.
Unique Passive-Greed: Gain extra 25% exp when jungling. After defeating Creep, recovers HP by 4% and mana by 10%.
Unique Passive-gorge: eliminate scripts to increase damage by 0.6%. up to 15 layers max.
Unique Passive: Makes the Battle Spell Retribution usable on Heroes, reduces the target’s Movement Speed ​​by 70% (the effect will decrease in 3 seconds) and reduces the target’s Magical Defense. Purchasing other advanced Jungle equipment items will disable this effect.

+15 Magical PEN

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Resonate: Every 6 seconds, the next magic skill will deal extra magic damage to 3 opponents who are on the same scale as the hero’s mana.

+600 Mana

Unique Passive-Time: Adds 30 HP and 5 Magic attacks every 30 seconds. Up to 10 times max.
Unique Passive-Reincarnate: If time reaches max, the hero will get extra 5% magic attack and 300 mana.

+5% Movement SPD

Unique Passive-Scorch: Damage skill will burn the target for 3 seconds, dealing damage of 1% 1.7%/2.5% of the target’s Max HP as Magic damage per second (10 minimum damage)

+65 Magic Power

Attribute: +40% Magical PEN
Unique Passive-SpellBreaker: When HP is higher than 70%, the unique effect will increase by 30%.
So that’s the discussion on the sick Nana build item 2022 from RRQ Lemon. Hopefully useful and hopefully get a winstreak.
Thank you for visiting our site, don’t forget to give criticism and suggestions in the comments column. Wait for our next article, of course it’s still about mobile legends bang-bang.

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