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Sick Granger Build - Skill Emblems and Combos

mrfdn – Granger is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends who is most often picked and top banned in ranked and tournaments.

Granger has a large burst damage and is equipped with a high escape ability.

The following is an explanation of the Granger skill complete with its skill combo.

Granger Skill Explanation

build granger mobile legends

Passive Skill – Caprice

Granger will charge 6 bullets, the last bullet will deal critical damage.

Skill 1 – Rhapsody

Granger will load his gun with bullets and shoot straight ahead. And will immediately give physical damage to the enemy.

Skill 2 – Rondo

Granger will blink in the direction, within 5 seconds the next 2 basic attacks will increase by 10%.

The cooldown of this skill will decrease by 0.5 seconds.

Skill 3 – Death Sonata

Granger will change the violin case then shoot at the enemy hero and will give physical damage and cause a slow effect of up to 80%.

Granger skill combo

Skill 2 >> Skill 1 >> Skill 3.

Granger’s Emblem

Use Custom assassin Emblem with configuration

  • Agility – to get additional movement speed
  • Invasion – to get additional phiscal penetration
  • Bounty Hunter – Every time you kill an enemy, you will get gold up to 1200.

Battle Spell Granger

Retribution – for fast farming

build granger hurts

Build Items Granger

Many global tops use this item

Raptor Machete

To add physical attack and physical penetration.

The effect will add damage to monsters. Every 10 seconds the next basic attack will deal 50 true damage and will increase with the level of the hero.

This will also add a slow effect to the enemy.

Use basic attacks to reduce the cool down of this effect.

This item will increase the ultimate granger.

Blade of Despair

To increase physical attack and movement speed.

Enemies who have HP below 50% will increase their physical damage by 25% for 2 seconds.

Dying enemies will die faster.

Endless Battle

To add physical attack, where is regen, hp, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and physical lifesteal.

The cooldown is 1.5 seconds.

Granger will get an additional 10% movement speed.

True damage can be given through basic attacks only.

Boots, use Magic shoes to spam skills faster.

Tips for using Granger

Maximize skill 1 first, then skill 3 then skill 2.

Video how to use Granger

The final word

Those are the Granger build tips that you can try. Using Granger is quite difficult, so try to practice it first in practice mode.

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If you have a painful granger build, share it in the comments column. 🙂

build granger hurts jess no limit

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