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Tips for Building Baxia ML - The Thickest Tanker in the World

mrfdn – Baxia is a Mobile Legends hero with the same tanker type as Masha. He can reduce the enemy’s heal ability and be able to move lanes quickly.

The damage reduction ability makes Baxia the thickest tanker in Mobile Legends.

The following are explanations and tips for building Baxia ML.

Baxia skill explanation

build baxia mobile legends

Baxia’s passive skill – Baxia Mark

Baxia will reduce the final damage taken from 28 to 56 points and the amount will increase as the level increases.

Skill 1 Baxia – Baxia Shield Unity

Baxia will use a rotating shield towards the enemy. Enemies hit will get a knock back effect.

When using this skill, use it again to jump over walls (obstacles), as well as minions.

If there is an enemy hero under Baxia, the hero will receive magic damage.

Skill 2 Baxia – Shield of Spirit

Baxia throws his shield at the enemy dealing magic damage. Enemies who are hit by a shield will leave a mark, and will give a slow effect for 1 second.

Skill 3 Baxia – Tortoise’s Puissance

Baxia releases flotation shield and increases movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds.

At the same time, Baxia will leave a lava path that will give 50% of the total magic power.

Baxia mark will increase by 75%.

Baxia skill combo

Skill 1 >> Skill 1 >> Skill 3 >> Skill 2 >> Skill 2

Baxia Emblem

Choose a Custom tank emblem with the following configuration:

  • Vitality – to increase HP by 200 points
  • Inspire – to get cool down reduction
  • Tenacity – when HP is at 40% then physical defense will increase by 35 points.

Battle spells

  • Flickr
  • Aegis – to increase durability during team fights.

build baxia ml

Item Build Baxia ML

Athena’s Shield

To add 900HP, 56 Magic Defense and 20 HP regen.

The passive effect will make Baxia get a shield of 450 – 1150 points every 30 seconds.

Useful when fighting multiple hero mages on enemies.

Queen’s Wings

To add 15 Physical Attack, 1000HP and add 10% Cool down reduction.

This item will make Baxia more resistant to damage received. And make it able to increase physical lifesteal by 30%.

This item will optimize Baxia’s passive skill.

Cursed Helmet

Adds 1200 HP, and 25 magic defense.

The passive creates a burn effect on surrounding enemies. And Minions will receive 50% damage.

Boot select Demon Shoes or Warrior Boots.

Tips for using Baxia

Maximize Skill 1 first, then Skill 3 and finally skill 2.

Video how to use Baxia

The final word

Those are the explanations and tips for building Baxial ML items. Hopefully it will add to your knowledge who is just learning to use this hero.

If you have another build, please share it in the comments column below.

baxia mobile legends build item emblem combo

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