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Resolve PUBG Mobile High Ping on Android and Phoenix OS

Overcoming PUBG High PING on Android and Phoenix OS – Hello friends, surely you guys have never experienced lag when playing online games like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Free Fire?. Playing games with lag conditions is certainly an annoying thing.

There are many reasons why online games lag. One important factor is the stability of the internet connection that is used. Without a stable connection, data exchange between the device and the server is not smooth.

To measure the stability of your internet connection, you can look at the number of Pings displayed in the game. The lower the Ping value, the better the internet connection. And for unstable internet connection, usually the game will display a red Ping.

Usually Ping in games will be unstable if there are other resources that are prioritized with a large amount of bandwidth. An example is the automatic update of google play games and the Android system. When downloading other resources, of course the Ping in the game becomes unstable.

Well, this time I will share a way to solve this high Ping problem. The trick is to use the Internet Guard application. This application is arguably a firewall that is commonly used on Windows but for the Android version. Immediately, let’s look at the following tips.

Material :

– Internet Guard
Apkpure | Google Play Store

Overcoming High Ping on Android

1. Download and run Internet Guard, give permission Autorun It is recommended that the application can run in the background.

2. Open Settings and select Advanced options. then activate the option Manage system apps.

After that on the main page check the option Show system apps and turn on Internet Guard.

Overcoming PUBG Mobile High Ping on Android and Phoenix OS

3. Next, look for applications that usually use bandwidth in the background. Here I disable the Android System, Google applications, Download applications with the UID code as shown in the picture (1000, 10010,10008, 10018 and 10030).

To find out other applications that use internet data, you can see it through the Logs feature. Since I’m using Wi-Fi then I limit it to Wi-Fi only. You can choose the data-only option or choose both.

Overcoming PUBG Mobile High Ping on Android and Phoenix OS

After doing internet data restrictions on the application. Please run the online game again and the ping quality will be more stable. If it is not stable then the cause is the signal from the provider. For this problem, please contact the provider you are using.

So many articles Overcoming PUBG High Ping on Android and Phoenix OS. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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