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Causes and How to Recover Banned PUBG Account

Causes and How to Restore Banned PUBG Account – PUBG is relentlessly eradicating players who play cheats such as using hacks/cheats. But currently there are still many cheaters who are still playing even at high ranks such as ace and conqueror.

On the other hand, many players complain that their PUBG account is banned for no apparent reason. Of course this happens because the banned system from PUBG is not perfect for detecting violations from players.

However, apart from using cheats/hacks, there are many other reasons why PUBG accounts are banned, often by players accidentally. Another thing to note is not to click on links or phishing links that are spread on Facebook or Twitter.

Besides that, for how to unlock or open a banned account, you can read the following tips for how to restore a PUBG account that was banned in 2022.

Cause PUBG Account Banned

To find out the possible characteristics of a banned PUBG account, here are 9 reasons why your PUBG account can be at risk and get banned.

1. Using Third Party Apps

If you use any third party app that interacts with pubg in a suspicious way, your account will have more chances of getting banned.

2. Using Cheats or Hacks

Causes of PUBG Account Banned Cheats

If you use cheats or hacks such as aimbot, wall hack, jump hack or magic bullet, you will be easily banned because PUBG is getting tougher in dealing with cheaters.

And if detected using a cheat, then your account will be banned for 10 years / 3650 days and even permanently deleted and tier down to bronze V.

3. One Team with Cheaters

When you accidentally do teaming with a cheater, your account can be banned for at least 7 days / 1 week. Not infrequently someone is on a team with cheaters to help push the main account or jockey.

But if you accidentally team up with a cheater once or twice because of playing random squad, your account is still safe from the PUBG banned system.

4. Killing a Teammate (Friendly Fire)

Causes of Banned PUBG Accounts and How to Restore

When you accidentally kill a teammate such as using a grenade or Molotov cocktail and are reported, your character will be frozen so that he can’t move. In addition you can get banned for a few days and a decrease in merit.

But if you accidentally kill a teammate, you will only be hit with a decrease in merit. But please note, if the merit is too low then you can’t play the mode multiplayer (duo and squad).

5. Cooperate with the Enemy

Working with opposing players can also be one of the reasons why PUBG accounts are banned. You should not join the enemy or travel with the enemy in the game. If someone reports, your account will be banned.

6. Top Up Illegally

Cause PUBG Account Banned Top up is illegal

There are many tricks to buying things like UC for a lower price. If you buy goods illegally, such as using card or your particular VPN could get banned for 30 days. This violates the terms and conditions of Tencent’s policies.

7. Graphical Settings App

There are still many who think using applications like GFX can get banned. But in fact using the GFX application was not detected as a suspicious application by PUBG.

However, if you use an application like GLtools to change textures such as removing grass, your account will be at risk of being banned for several days.

8. Using the Gamepad/Controller Application

Causes of PUBG Account Banned Gamepad

There are many applications that can be used to control games on smartphones such as the Octopus gamepad and the like, so that games can be played with a joystick or keyboard. For PUBG Mobile, something like this can cause a ban for 2 months or 60 days.

If you want to play with keyboard and mouse, you can use emulator on PC or Laptop and you will play with other emulator players.

9. Exploiting Bugs

Some bugs are still present in PUBG, but if you use them to kill your opponent, this can certainly cause your account to be banned.

Previously there were bugs such as the opponent’s head visible in the sky, if you shoot it your account will be detected as a cheat by the system.

How to Restore Banned PUBG Account

Keep in mind, to restore an account that was banned with an ID for using a cheat is indeed very difficult. Because most of the accounts that have been permanently banned will not get waivers from Tencent.

For PUBG Mobile accounts that have been banned due to illegal Top Ups, you can try the unbanned method or restore the banned account through the following special form.…

If your PUBG account was banned for no apparent reason, even if you didn’t commit a violation, you can try sending a request via the following email to restore the banned account.

Please fill in the subject, account details (nick and id) and screenshot banned in your PUBG account. Then fill in the request to double-check and open your banned account, besides that you can also add a description if your account is hacked or phishing. After that wait a few days to receive an email reply from CS tencent. Here’s an example.

Subject :
My account has been banned banned without reason

My account in the game has been banned without warning and without cause and I have not violated the terms and conditions of the game and I hope that my account will be returned and removed from it.
ID : 12345678
Nick : Your Nick

The final word

So, that was the explanation of the causes and how to restore a banned PUBG account. That’s all for this short article, good luck and hopefully useful.

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