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Recommended Item Build Hero Tachi Arena of Valor

The newest Arena of Valor (AOV) hero, Tachi the Sorrow's Edge, has been released through Codex Season 33. This hero from Mist Island has extraordinary abilities, namely the ability to produce True Damage from Normal Attacks and also his skills.

We want to give some recommendations of Items, Arcana, Runes, and also tips for playing Tachi in Horizon Valley. Check out the explanation below, yes.

Recommended Item Build Tachi

Tachi is a Warrior-type AOV Hero, who takes up a position in Dark Slayer Lane. He will meet other Hero Warriors more often and will often do 1v1 battles on the Lane.

  • Item Builds recommended by Hero Tachi are Gilded Greaves, Omni Arms, Curse of Death, Gaia's Standard, Odin's Will, and Rock Shield.

The build above will increase Tachi's defense and Survivability in Dark Slayer Lane. Even though he belongs to the Warrior category, he has HP and defense that is too big like an Assassin.

With the All-in type of game, this hero can last longer in 1v1 or team fights, using the recommended items.

Recommended Arcana Tachi

To increase its durability and strength in the game, you can use a combination of 10 Indomitable Arcana (Red), 10 Assassinate (Purple), and 10 Skewer (Green).

Rekomendasi Rune Tachi

To increase defense and durability even better, you can use a combination of Rune Afata and Humans.

In Main Rune, players can use Afata Runes such as Rivers Treader/Backstabbing, Regrowth, and Explosive Shield. For Rune Humans, you can use Enhanced Restore and Creep Kill.

This Creep Kill Rune is needed by Tachi to help him kill Creep in Lane. Because you can finish it faster and get Level and Gold.

Gameplay Tachi

You must be able to hit all of his skills when fighting enemies at close range. It aims to activate the Spellbound passive skill.

When four Spellbound Stacks are collected, his True Damage attack will activate.

Use Skill two, Brow Beat from close range, to get two Spellbound Stacks. Another option is to activate the Ultimate Cliff Breaker Skill.

For players to get four Spellbound Stacks directly, on landing and dealing damage.

Use Tachi's one skill, Moon Pierce, when eliminating Creeps in Lane quickly. When the seal of the Moon Pierce Skill opens, players can still combine it, with Talent Flicker or Skill two Brow Beats to get close to the opponent.

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