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Quantum Error Becomes the First Horror Game on PS5

Quantum Error so the title of the first horror game that will visit the PlayStation 5 console. In addition, the game will also be present on the PlayStation 4.

The teaser has also been released, guys, you can see below.

Games Quantum Error bring perspective First-Person Shooter by genre cosmic-horror. Although the teaser doesn’t explain in detail about the game’s story, the graphics that are presented seem quite interesting. Plus this game is still in the stage of further development, making the potential for the game to be even greater.

Aim for Good Game Quality

Official account of the game Quantum Error answer the question about the target frame rate that can be achieved on the PS5. And the answer, this game is targeted to be able to run at 4K resolution with 60 FPS on the PS5 console. Wow, that would be cool if it actually happened.

The release date of Quantum Error has not been leaked by Teamkill Media as the developer. However, its launch is predicted to coincide with the presence of the PlayStation 5 or not long after. The PlayStation 5 itself is planned to be released to the market this holiday season.

Games Quantum Error is the second project from Teamkill Media. Previously, they had launched a game Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris on February 20 last.

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