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Newest March 17 Items Bane Magical Pain 2022

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give the sickest Bane Magical Item 2022 in Mobile Legends.

Build Bane Magic hurts 2021

In this update, Bane is maintained and strengthened his ability to deal high damage and slightly increase his survivability and mobility. In addition, Bane is now able to use different builds so he can adapt himself to the ever-changing Battlefield situation. Now Bane can choose Physical Equipment, and use Skill 1 and strengthened Basic Attack to Poke from a safe distance but now it’s also possible for Bane to use new Build Magic and attack at close range, eliminating opponents with low survivability. Bane can even focus on Bane’s survival skills and move around the Battlefield as you see fit.

As before, Bane can be very strong in the late game but struggles through the early game, where he is relatively weak. Opponents can take advantage of this and try to prevent him from acquiring his Equipment early in the match. With this update, Bane is expected to be used more often by Mobile Legend players.

Bane Skill Explanation:

Skill 1 Crab Claw Cannon

  • Bane fires a Crab Claw cannon in a designated direction. Cannon will bounce to enemy units behind randomly.

Skill 2 Rum

  • Bane drinks and regenerates HP. Use it again to spit poison forward, dealing damage to enemies within the area of ​​effect.

Ultimate Deadly Catch

  • Bane summons a group of sharks to attack in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemies and causing them to airborne for a certain period of time.

Passive Shark Bite

  • Bane weapons are planted with Tidal Energy and the damage from the next basic attack will be increased.

The following items are Bane Lord of the Heptaseas.

Demon Shoes
The first item in Build Bane is Demon Shoes. This item is a shoe that can restore mana. So this item is very suitable for use by Bane heroes who always do damage by using skills so they don’t run out of mana. Now for those of you who use Hero Bane, you have to use this Demon Shoes Item.

Clock of Destiny
The second item in Build Bane has an item clock of destiny. This item is a magical item that can be used by Bane which can provide additional magic damage, HP, or Mana. This item can also add HP and Magic attack which can be stacked up to 10 times and get extra magic attack and mana regen. This item is very good for use by Hero Bane. With this item you can give maximum damage to your opponent.

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Lightning Truncheon
The third item in Build Bane is a Lightning Truncheon item. This item is a magical damage item that must be used by Bane. With this item Bane can generate additional DPS when he manages to damage the enemy with your abilities, the damage can bounce guys. In addition, this item also provides additional mana and cooldown reduction so it’s really suitable for this Bane.

Holy Crystal
The fourth item in Build Bane is a Holy Crystal item. This item is a high power magic item, namely Holy Crystal. This item can increase damage significantly and can also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Bane who can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

Divine Glaive
The fifth item in Build Bane is a Divine Glaive item. This item must be used by Bane because besides being able to add magic power, it also provides magical penetration. When Bane’s HP is higher than 70%, this item will activate a unique effect that can add more damage that supports the skill abilities of Bane’s hero for sure. With this item Bane will deal significant damage to the enemy. So with the help of this item, Bane can do big damage.

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Blood Wings
The last item in Build Bane is the Blood Wings item. This item is the final magic power item from the Hero Mage which can increase the magic damage from Bane. With this item, Bane can give very deadly magical damage to opponents so that they are quickly eliminated, guys.

This is the Worst Bane Build 2022

The sickest Bane Magic item 2021

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