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Newest Combo Mage + Northren Vale Definitely 1st Place in Magic Chess

Hello guys welcome back at bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I will give you information about Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. This time I will give the Latest Combo Tips that are suitable for Synergy Mage in Magic Chess Mobile Legends 2022.

The Sickest Mage Synergy Combo 2021 in Magic Chess

Synergy Mage is a synergy consisting of mage heroes. To activate this synergy mage, you must have 6 synergy mage heroes installed in the magic chess game. Here we need to need a different team hero type synergy mage to activate this effect. If there are 2 Synergy mage heroes, Increases Magic Damage of all heroes of a team by 40%. If there are 4 Synergy mage heroes, Increases Magic Damage of all heroes of a team by 80%. If there are 6 Synergy mage heroes, Increases Magic Damage of all heroes of a team by 125%. Hero Mage include Esmeralda, Odette, Harley, Chang’e, Harith, and Aurora.

This Synergy Mage is very good to use because it is easy to get and has a High Damage Area of ​​Effect (AOE). This Synergy Mage can provide area damage that can cause a stun effect so that the enemy can be quickly eliminated. In addition, the synergy mage consists of several hero mages if they can activate the synergy mage, then all those in the match can provide additional magic damage so that they can defeat the enemy quickly on the battlefield. By using this synergy mage, apart from being able to deal high damage, you can also counter other synergy heroes such as Synergy Astro Power because this synergy mage can attack enemies AOE. So this synergy mage is suitable to use because it has high damage and is easy to eliminate enemies quickly.

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After that we can combine this Synergy Mage Synergy mage with synergy northern vale, synergy lightborn. With the latest update of magic chess, there is “blazzing” which is useful for giving additional synergies randomly when upgrading star hero levels, so it’s easy to get 6 synergies combos without collecting synergies from all heroes. With this new synergy magic chess update, making the synergy mage a very overpowered synegy.

The advantages of Synergy Mage

  1. Easy to get
  2. Has High Damage and Area Of Effect (AOE)
  3. Has Crowd Control (CC) effect
  4. Become the best synergy counter from other synergies

Here I will give 1 good combo for synergy mage combined with synergy northern vale, synergy lightborn and synergy fighter. Here’s the combo for the synergy mage, check this out.

  • Synergy Mage: Esmeralda, Odette, Harley, Harith
  • Synergy Northern Vale: Aurora, Freya, Franco
  • Synergy Lightborn: Alucard, Tigreal

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Tips to Get This Synergy Quickly

  1. Collect the synergy mage heroes that you get first to quickly activate the synergy 6 mages.
  2. If Getting “Blazzing”, condition the best strategy to win the match.
  3. Arrange the formations between heroes close together so that the core mage damage heroes can’t be eliminated first
  4. Take advantage in the Round against attacks from jungle monsters in the selection phase to take synergy lightborn, synergy venom, synergy cadia riverlands, magical items, hero upgrades or commander capacity upgrades.
  5. Use commander Connie level 2 so that during the fate box stage phase, you can choose 2 times to strengthen the synergy line up.

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
Hope it is useful.

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