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New Hero Mobile Legends in 2022

The new line of Mobile Legends heroes in 2022 is now starting to be revealed, there are approximately 4 known heroes.

Previously Moonton had closed 2021 with the last new hero, Tank/Marksman named Edith, and recently leaks about the new Hero for the following year have also been known.


The newest line of heroes in Mobile Legends will have a quite different look, guys because this new hero looks pretty cool.

This new Mobile Legends 2022 hero will come with different roles Guys, starting from Fighter, Marksman, Mage, and others, here are the rows.

1. Yin

The first known new hero is Yin, one of the heroes with a fighter role that has two modes, namely in the ultimate skill section.

However, it is still unknown what mode is used for the hero, whether it is Roger or Yu Zhong.

This hero has a fairly simple appearance, where it seems that this hero relies on fists from his hands which will later be used as weapons for war!

2. Melissa

The next new hero that is known is Melissa, Guys, who are one of the newest Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends later.

Melissa has a unique appearance, and the weapon she uses is a Needle, besides that she also carries two dolls that may later be in her skills.

Hmm, it looks like Melissa will have interesting skills and ultimates, guys, let's wait for her arrival.

3. Xavier

Xavier is one of the newest male Mage heroes who are likely to be present in 2022 in Mobile Legends.

Besides that, Xavier is also an addition to male role mages, guys, where indeed most of these role mage heroes are women.

Not only that, but Xavier also has an attractive and handsome appearance, where he looks like a noble, but it is still unknown what elements and skills he has.

4. Chaniman

The next new hero is Chaniman, Guys, but it's still not known for sure, the name is the name of this new hero or not.

But what is known for sure, this hero will have a Fighter role which is said to be similar to the LoL hero.

Well, the weapon for this hero is a chain where at the end of the chain there is a sharp object, such as a Kunai or a Knife.

So that's the latest line of heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, even so, there is still no clarity about the release date of the hero, so let's wait for the latest news.

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