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New Hero Build Brody The Next OP Marksman is the Sickest

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will discuss Brody’s New Hero which will be present today on the Mobile Legends Original Server.

Brody's New Hero Build Hurts

Brody is a Hero Marksman who specializes in Reap Brust Damage which has High Offensive and has a high level of difficulty. Brody has a passive that can move when using his basic attack and has an old animation effect when used and gives a mark to the enemy to increase his damage. Brody also has skill 1 which can emit a shockwave in a predetermined direction, dealing physical damage and causing a slow effect and leaving a mark on the target. Brody has skill 2 which can switch to the opponent giving physical damage and causing a stun effect and giving a mark to the target. After that he can switch to the specified direction and gain additional movement speed. throws Smoke Bombs and deals Physical Damage and slows down enemies. In addition, Brody has the ultimate skill that can lock the target in an Area of ​​Effect with a certain distance and provide additional physical damage and physical damage according to the mark on the enemy. In playing this Hero Brody, it takes the right items in order to maximize the advantages of this Hero Brody. For that this time I will give Build Brody Sick, Check this out.

Here are Brody’s New Hero Items.

Swift Boots
The first item in Build Brody is Swift Boots. This item is an attack speed shoe that can increase the speed of basic attacks and also increases the movement speed for Brody.

Scarlet Phantom
The second item in Build Brody is the Scarlet Phantom item. This item is a physical item that can add physical attack and attack speed along with critical chance. When Brody can give critical, the attack speed of the hero also increases and the critical chance also increases. With this item Brody can inflict greater damage to the enemy. This item is suitable for use by Brody because in addition to providing physical damage, it also provides critical damage.

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Berseker’s Fury
The third item in Build Brody is Berseker’s Fury. The item is a physical item that Brody must use because with this item Brody can give the hero physical attack and also high critical damage to the enemy. Every time he does a physical attack, Brody will give a critical chance to the enemy. So if Brody does a physical attack it will be able to add high physical attack damage. With this item Brody can eliminate enemies quickly.

Endless Battle
The fourth item in Build Brody is Endless Battle. This item is a physical item that can increase basic attack attacks for Brody. So items can increase basic attacks and physical attacks as additional true damage to opponents. This item also provides physical lifesteal which is very important for marksman heroes like Brody. In addition, Endless battle also provides additional Physical damage, HP, Cooldown Reduction. With the help of this item, Brody can do farming in the forest or restore HP by attacking creeps and can also do maximum damage to opponents.

The fifth item in Build Brody is a Wintalker item. The item is an item that increases attack speed while providing critical chance and also movement speed. In addition, this item can provide attacks quickly and damage critical chance to the opponent. With this item Brody can provide speed damage quickly and this item also provides additional movement speed that is useful for chasing enemies who are running away. So this item must be used by Brody.

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Blade of Despair
The last item in Build Brody is the Blade of Despair item. This item is a physical item that can add physical attacks drastically. With this item, Brody can give high physical damage to the opponent. It makes Brody can easily eliminate. If Brody meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase Brody’s additional physical attack so that Brody’s hero can be feared by opponents in the match.

This is the Brody Sick New Hero Build

Brody's New Hero Items Hurt

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