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Build Selena AE Udil Catfish 300 Million The Sickest

Hello guys welcome back at bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give Build Selena AE Udil Catfish 300 million The Sickest in Mobile Legends.

Build Selena Udil The Sickest 300 Million Catfish

Selena is a Reap Initiator-type Hero Mage Assassin who has a high level of difficulty. Selena has 6 skills that are difficult to use because Selena’s player must have hand speed and the right timing. Selena has the abyssal trap skill to lurk in a predetermined location as a map opener so that the enemy’s position can be seen. In addition, this abyssal trap skill can be combined with the abyssal arrow which can cause a stun effect on the enemy when hit with this skill. Although now Selena is less attractive because her skills are very complicated, but if played by the user Lemon, Selena becomes a very deadly hero. Even though selena has 6 complicated skills to use, but for users like Udil it feels easy. Therefore, I will give Build Selena AE Udil Hurt in MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legend, Check this out!.

The following items are Hero Selena Abyssal Witch.

Demon Shoes
The first item in Selena AE Udil’s Build is Demon Shoes. This item is a shoe that can restore mana. So this item is very suitable for use by the hero Selena who always does damage by using skills so she doesn’t run out of mana. Now for those of you who use Hero selena, you have to use this Demon Shoes Item.

Clock of Destiny
The second item in this Selena AE Udil Build is the Clock of Destiny item. This item is a magical item that can be used by Selena that can provide magic damage, HP, and Mana. Items can also add HP and Magic attacks which can be stacked up to 10 times and get extra magic attacks and mana. With this item you can give maximum damage to your opponent.

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Calamity Reaper
The third item in this Selena AE Udil Build is a Calamity Reaper item. This item is a magical damage item that must be used by Selena because after we use the skill, Selena’s basic attack will give true damage. In addition, this item also provides additional Magic Power, Mana Regen and of course cooldown reduction. With this item you can give maximum damage to your opponent.

Holy Crystal
The fourth item in the Selena AE Udil Build is a Holy Crystal item. This item is a high power magic item that can increase damage significantly and can also increase as the level of the hero increases. Items are suitable for selena who can do a lot of damage to enemies, guys!.

Divine Glaive
The fifth item in this Selena AE Udil Build is a Divine Glaive item. This item is a magic power item that can add magic power, also provides magical penetration guys. When Selena’s HP is higher than 70%, this item will activate a unique effect that can add more damage that supports the skill abilities of Selena’s hero for sure. With this item Selena will do significant damage to the enemy. This item must be used by heroes like selena, guys. So with the help of this item, Selena can do big damage.

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Winter Truncheon
The last item in this Selena AE Udil Build is a Winter Truncheon item. Items are magical items that can provide additional Magic power, physical defense and additional HP. In addition, items can also freeze when used. When the hero activates this freeze effect, he can’t do anything but will get an immune effect against all damage and debuffs. So this item helps Selena when she wants to be kidnapped, you can press this item so that damage cannot enter so that it avoids elimination.

This is the Build Hero Selena AE Udil Hurts

Selena's item is the sickest 300 million catfish fair

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
Hope it is useful.

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