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Mobile Legends Anti Banned Skin Script 2022, Unlock All

Download the Mobile Legends skin script – ML is one of the MOBA games with various exciting modes and also lots of cool skins. To get a cool skin, you need to buy it with a diamond top-up, not infrequently Moonton also gives free skins through certain events.

Actually there is a special way to get free skins, one of which is to use cheat skins. Which cheat skin can be in the form of an anti-banned application or script. Through this ML skin script cheat, you can use various favorite skins, ranging from elite, epic, legend skins to mod anime skins.

For those of you who want to get free Mobile Legends skins, in this article Teknolalat will share cheat tricks for Mobile Legends skins using a script, as an alternative you can also use the Mobile Legends Cheat Application. Let’s just see the tutorial below.

– Mobile Legends Skin Script (Expired – Use an alternative method)
Link: MediaFire
– ZArchiver
Link: Google Play Store

How to Use Mobile Legends Skin Script

Not only ML skin scripts, in this game there are also various other scripts such as ML loading screen scripts, unlock recall, background to map display scripts. Well, here are the steps to install the ML skin script.

Original Skin Data Backup

The first step you need to do is to backup the original skin data. The goal is that if there is an update and it is detected, you can recover the data easily. Here are the steps.

  • Open the File Manager application, then go to Internal – Android – data – – files – dragon2022 – assets.
  • After that copy the folder Art and UI to the location you want, for example Internal – Backup – (here)
Mobile Legends Skin Script - backup data

Well, after backing up the data, you can directly install the skin script through the tutorial below.

How to Install the Mobile Legends Skin Script

To install the ML script skin is not too difficult. Here are the steps on how to easily install the Mobile Legends skin script.

  • Download the ZArchiver app via the link above and install it as usual.
  • Next, open ZArchiver then look for the downloaded Mobile Legends skin script file. Click the file and select Extract here.
Extract the Mobile Legends Skin Script file
  • After the extract process is complete, please Copy the files folder to Internal – Android – data – – (here).

(Alternative) Mobile Legends Skin Script Application

If you find it difficult to use scripts, then you can use an alternative way to get free skins, namely using the ML skin script application which is more updated and also has more features, here’s the tutorial.

Using NEW IMOBA 2022 (WORK)

  1. Download the latest NEW IMOBA 2022 APK application.
  2. Then install the IMOBA application that you downloaded.
  3. Open the application, then fill in the Name and click Start.
  4. After that open the UNLOCK SKIN – MLBB SKIN menu.
  5. Then choose a hero role, for example Assassin.
  6. Click on one of the skins you want, then select the FOLDER ART NEW option.
  7. Wait until the skin injection process is complete.

If an update notification appears, you can turn off cellular data before opening the application. Then when choosing a skin, you can reactivate the data to download resources from that skin.

NEW IMOBA Features:

  • Drone view
  • Unlock all skins, painted skins, skin upgrades, to custom Naruto anime skins.
  • Unlock all effects of recall, respawn, elimination.
  • Unlock all battle emotes, custom analogues, intros, to custom maps.

Using the BOXSKIN App

  • Download the BOXSKIN87 app via the MediaFire link and install as usual.
  • Open the BOXSKIN87 application, then enter the password.
  • Then select the UNLOCK ALL SKIN menu. Then choose a hero role, for example a fighter.
Mobile Legends Skin Script Application
  • After that select the skin you want and select INJECT.
Inject Mobile Legends Skin Script Application
  • After the injection process is complete, please open the Mobile Legends game and enjoy it…

Is Using Skin ML Applications and Scripts Safe?

As a loyal Mobile Legends player, of course playing using dream skins will be more exciting. Moreover, you can use skins for free using the Mobile Legends script.

Considering this is a third-party or unofficial application from Moonton, using this ML skin application and script has the possibility that your account may be banned. Therefore, make sure you understand the risks to your account and use them wisely.

Well, that’s the article about downloading the anti-banned Mobile Legends skin script and how to install it. Well that’s all for this brief review, good luck and hopefully it’s useful. If there are problems or tutorials that are not clear, please comment below.

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