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Makes Wrath, These 4 Games are Really Obnoxious!

Every game is actually made to be played as entertainment. But, what happens if games that are supposed to be fun, actually make us angry.

Not only because of the difficulty level, but the gameplay is also annoying. Here are 4 games that are the most annoying in the Okeguys version. What’s the game? Check below!

1. Paint Mario

Paint Mario or Syobo Action (Japanese version) is a parody of game Super Mario Bros. In this game, you have to avoid obstacles and obstacles, as well as unexpected traps. Even, power-ups which should be a help, can actually be harmful.

For those of you who want to try the game, you can visit the site

2. Flappy Bird

Games Flappy Bird once boom around a few years ago, in 2022. Game arcade which is available on Android and iOS, was created by a programmer from Vietnam named Dong Nguyen.

In game Flappy Bird, you have to control a bird so it doesn’t hit or touch the pipe that is the obstacle. Even though it looks easy, in fact, when you play it, it’s really hard to ask for forgiveness.

3. Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario is also a parody game Super Mario Bros. The game itself has a gameplay similar to Paint Mariothe difference is that the character is really Mario.

While playing Unfair Mario you will be annoyed not only by the trap, but also by warning sign which only emerges when we fail.

4. The Impossible Game

In the last position, there is The Impossible Game. From the name, you can already read how hard it is. You will control a box that has to pass through triangular and square-shaped obstacles.

Well, like other annoying games, at first it looks easy to play, but over time it gets harder and harder to the point of making us angry.

How are you guys? Do you want to try the game or not?

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