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Leomord 2022's Best Items and Emblems Build from Top 1 Global

Sick damage and great resistance are the characteristics of this fighter hero. Leomord is a hero with a role fighter who can summon his favorite horse. With his horse, it makes his strength to the maximum, when riding a Leomord horse it will be very easy to mess up the opponent’s formation and flatten everything.

Thanks to his prowess many user fighters rely on him in land of down battles, many of them rely on Leomord to become an offlaner. Because Leomord has pretty good resistance and a suitable skill set to be an offlaner in the current meta.

The greatness of this fighter will be maximized when used by the right hands and of course supported by the right build items as well. Therefore in this article you will find the Best Leomord 2022 Items and Emblems from Top 1 Global. We will discuss thoroughly starting from battle spells, emblem sets and of course the best Leomord 2022 items from the global top 1.
The battle spell used by Leomord’s top 1 global is the Flicker battle spell. With this battle spell you can use it to chase or even run from enemy pursuit. So, below is an explanation of the Flicker battle spell.

Teleport to a certain distance in a specific direction. For 1 second after Teleport, increases 5 (+1*hero level) Physical defense and magical defense.
Next is the set of emblems commonly used by Top 1 Global Leomord. The appropriate set of emblems is the Fighter emblem set with the settings as shown in the following image.

Get 8% Spell Vamp. Eliminating each enemy hero gives an additional 1% Spell Vamp (Maximum 12%)
The most supportive in the game, of course, are the items you use for a hero. Well, below is the Leomord 2022 Best Item Build from Top 1 Global. Here are Leomord 2022’s Best Item Builds from Top 1 Global

And below is an explanation of the Best Leomord 2022 items from Top 1 Global

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD
Unique Passive-Fortitude: Reduces Crowd Control duration by 30%.

Unique Passive-Divine Justice: After using the next basic attack skill will deal an additional 70% physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.
Unique Passive-Chase Fate: When the divine justice effect is active, the hero’s movement speed will increase by 10%.

Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces damage taken by 50% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

Unique Passive- Despair: attacking an enemy unit that has HP below 50% will increase the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (effect active before damage quality)

Unique Passive-Shield: 170-1150 Points every 30 seconds the shield will get stronger as the game progresses.
That’s our discussion of the Best Leomord 2022 Build Items and Emblems from Top 1 Global, hopefully everything in this article can be useful for its readers. Thank you for reading our article, please support it by writing your comments in the comments column. See you in our other articles.

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