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Latest Build Clint Revamp Super Sick 2022

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give the Worst Clint Revamp Build in Mobile Legends.

Latest Build Clint Revamp hurts

Clint is a Hero Marksman who specializes in Reap Brust Damage which has a low difficulty level and is easy to use. Clint has skill 1 which can fire 5 bullets correctly and give physical damage to opponents in a fan-shaped area. In addition, Clint has skill 2 which shoots a trap net forward, dealing physical damage to the hit opponent and causing an immobilize effect. He will also jump back a bit at the same time. In addition, Clint has the ultimate skill that throws a grenade in a predetermined direction. The grenade will explode and give physical damage to the opponent and stack up to 5 times and cause a slow effect to the opponent. Make sure you have enough grenades before joining Team Fight. In playing Clint, it takes the right items in order to maximize the advantages of this Clint. For that this time I will give Build Clint Revamp Sick, Check this out.

Here are the items for Hero Clint Wild Wanderer.

Swift Boots
The first item in Build Clint is Swift Boots. This item is an attack speed shoe that can increase the speed of basic attacks and also increases the movement speed for Clint.

Endless Battle
The second item in Build Clint is an Endless Battle item. This item is a physical item that can increase the basic attack attack for Clint. So items can increase basic attacks and physical attacks as additional true damage to opponents. This item also provides physical lifesteal which is very important for marksman heroes like Clint. In addition, Endless battle also provides additional Physical damage, HP, Cooldown Reduction. With the help of this item, Clint can do farming in the forest or recover HP by attacking creeps and can also do maximum damage to opponents.

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Blade of Despair
The third item in Build Clint is a Blade of Despair item. This item is a physical item that can add physical attacks drastically. With this item, Clint can give high physical damage to the opponent. That makes Clint can easily eliminate. If Clint meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase Clint’s additional physical attack so that Clint’s hero can be feared by opponents in the match.

Berserker’s Fury
The fourth item in Clint’s Build is Berseker’s Fury. The item is a physical item that Clint must use because with this item Clint can give the hero physical attack and also high critical damage to the enemy. Every time he does a physical attack, Clint will give a critical chance against the enemy. So if Clint does a physical attack it will be able to add high physical attack damage. With this item Clint can eliminate enemies quickly.

The fifth item in Build Clint is a Wintalker item. The item is an item that increases attack speed while providing critical chance and also movement speed. So clint can give attacks quickly and high critical damage to the opponent. With this item, Clint will definitely be easy to eliminate enemies because this item provides additional movement speed that is useful for chasing enemies who are running away.

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Thunder Belt
The last item in Build Clint is a Thunder Belt item. This item is a defense item that helps clint in terms of defense to be thicker, of course it can also provide true damage. This item after using a skill, the next basic attack deals true damage to the enemy and the opponent and units around him receive this damage and receive a slow effect. In addition, this item also provides mana regen, HP, and cooldown reduction. With this item Clint can give deadly damage to enemies.

This is the Worst Clint Revamp Build 2022

Clint Revamp's newest item hurts

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