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Illuminate the Latest Version of Free Fire OB32

Lately, many people are searching for what illuminate free fire means. What's with the question what does illuminating free fire mean?

Is the question what is the meaning of illuminating free fire in relation to a secret Jewish underground organization that carries out the whole agenda of Zionism?

From a search, it turns out that illuminate is the release of the latest version of the Free Fire game in the OB32 update on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

Reporting from Sportskeeda, the latest Free Fire patch update on OB32 this time is the Illuminated version of the Free Fire patch.

With the release of Illuminate, players will have access to the Charge Buster, a new weapon.

Various kinds of the latest Free Fire features are present in the Free Fire Illuminate version. Players can find several new weapons, pets, and play modes in this update.

In addition, there are also many new features that you can use to get a more interesting playing experience in Free Fire Illuminate.

It will also incorporate new matchmaking functionality in Craftland, in-game character updates, and many other exciting new features.

.The latest update reflects some feedback from Free Fire players around the world.

The following is the Free Fire Illuminate update provided by Garena:

Garena added a new weapon called the Charge Buster and anti-explosive vest protection.

Then there are Flashbang, Thompson, Mini Uzi, Kingfisher, Vector, SCAR, AUG, MAC10, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, MAG-7, M1187, SPAS12, M1014, and M500 weapons adjustments.


  • Skyler: New feature (Riptide Rhythm) added.

Players can now hold aim for better precision.

  • Olivia: Revived players will gain more HP (70HP to 80HP).
  •  Xayne: Increases Gloo Wall and shields damage (100 percent to 150 percent).

Last longer (10s to 15s) and shorter cooldown (100s to 80s).

  • Maxim: The speed of eating mushrooms and using the Med Kit is slower (30 percent to 25 percent).

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