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How to watch friends who are online playing PUBG from their own cellphone

mrfdn – Did you know that you can watch your friend playing pubg, even if he’s not on the same team as us?

Yep, this is not included in the term spectate, but indeed watching their game live.

This method can be done for those of you who are bored playing pubg, or waiting for your friends to finish playing pubg.

That way you can watch the game until it’s finished, then you can invite to play together.

How to watch friends who are playing pubg directly on your cellphone screen

  1. Open the PUBG app
  2. In the lobby click the arrow on the left of the screen, you will see the friends menu.

    watching friends play pubg
  3. Friends who are playing pubg have a white triangle icon next to their name.

  4. Click the triangle icon
  5. Click ok to start watching friends who are playing

Then in an instant you will enter your friend’s cellphone screen display.

What can be done besides watching friends playing pubg?

In addition to watching your own friends, you can also choose to watch from the screen display of friends who are in the same team as our friends.

It’s very easy

At the bottom right there is a switch button, press it then select a friend from your friend’s team that you want to watch.
how to watch friends playing pubg, spectate
Then your cellphone screen will change to the same screen display as your friend’s team.

How to finish watching friends who are playing pubg

If you are satisfied with watching your friends who have finished playing, the pubg game will automatically return to the lobby.

if you want to exit manually, at the bottom left, there is an exit button.

spectate pubg friends

Then immediately you will return to the lobby.

The final word

That’s how to watch friends who are playing pubg mobile directly from your cellphone.

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