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How to Use Mixed Settings for PUBG Mobile to Play 2 Fingers Smoothly

mrfdn – Share this time about mixed functions in setting lean mode and pubg mobile scope mode.

In my opinion, this setting is rarely used, that’s why many people don’t know how to use it. Including me who also rarely wants to find out more. Until today I finally tried this setting.

I’m trying to learn some pubg mobile settings. The point is that this mixed setting can be tried for combine scope with shot.

How to use mixed settings on PUBG mobile

Mixed means a combination of hold and tap functions.

The concept is that when we press the scope or lean button, we must immediately press the fire button. Within 0.3 seconds the finger pressing the scope or lean must move or press the fire button. Then it will behave as hold.

If it is more than that then the mixed function will have no effect. Scope will remain on zoom position until we press it one more time. Then it will behave as a tap.

To be more proficient, take a look at my pubg mobile control settings below.

pubg mobile mixed settings control function
PUBG 2 finger Mixed settings

The lean and scope buttons are on the right and left of my right fire button.

When I do lean or scope to target. I have to immediately press the fire button so that the zoom effect from the scope doesn’t come back like not using a scope (like a Third Person Perspective (tpp) display).

If I press and hold the scope or lean button, the zoom effect of the scope will not change until I release it. With this combination I can use my left thumb to shoot enemies.

So in this control setting I only use 2 fingers. Since now it’s less agile to play with 3 fingers because my cellphone feels a bit big (samsung a30).

I learned to get used to it

  • Right finger is used for lean + scope + fire spray.
  • Left finger is used for single fire / tap.

The advantages of mixed settings

  • Suitable for those who like to play bars
  • For those who are agile playing with 2 fingers, you can try this setting, who knows if it’s suitable

Disadvantages of mixed settings

  • For those who are just learning, it will be difficult to aim while firing spray using only one finger (right thumb)
  • You can’t run smoothly, you just need a habit.

The final word

Well, what I feel after a few days of using this setting is that it’s easier to use pubg mobile with just 2 fingers. Because previously I was also not used to playing pubg with 2 fingers. haha..

This is just my experience. If you feel comfortable with certain settings, please continue playing. The important thing is you can have chicken dinner.

This mixed function can be learned, especially for those who rely on playing pubg with only 2 fingers.

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