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How to use and set the latest PUBG Mobile GFX Tool so it doesn't lag

This is the guide for setting up the latest PUBG mobile GFX tool version 10.0.6 / 1.4.0 so that it doesn’t lag when playing

mrfdn – You may enjoy playing PUBG mobile games. But a thing or two like your smartphone is slow, lags, or crashes.

There are actually several solutions for that. One of the simplest is to use the PUBG mobile GFX tool.

The GFX tool is only for Android phones, not iPhones. Because on the phone the average PUBG game runs smoothly. Not like on android.

There are many kinds of GFX tools if you type them in Google Playstoreas ::

GFX tool
GFX tool pro photo battleground
GFX tool for PUBG (no full ads)
Battlegrounds advanced graphic tool [no ban] (BAGT)
GFX tool for PUBG wallpapers
GFX – bagt graphics hdr tool (no ban)
and much more…

There are a lot of gfx tools in the playstore. just select.

Now from the many choices above, actually the function is the same, namely to maximize the graphics performance of your cellphone so that when playing PUBG games it doesn’t lag or break.

I use the GFX tool too.

After I compare using config, it feels the same. Using the config, maybe we will get many additional options, such as there is a config that can reduce the recoil vibration when shooting enemies, which we can’t get just by installing the GFX tool on the cellphone.

Okay, for those of you who are curious about how to use and set the GFX tool for PUBG mobile, let’s see the explanation below.

1. Select the game version

When you have installed one of the GFX tools in the playstore, go to the main screen, there you have to choose the PUBG mobile version that you have.

Until the time this article was published we were on version 10.0.6 (gp) or the global version.

2. Resolution

Choose the resolution that suits your cellphone. If you use a cellphone with low specs, just choose 960×540. This will minimize the resolution of the game that will be rendered by our smartphone. The smaller the resolution, the lighter the game will be to run.

However, the result is that the image is not detailed. Yes, the name is also low resolution. Same when we lower the quality of the screen resolution on the laptop from 1366×768 to 800×600. Surely the display screen will be broken.

If you want smooth performance, choose the lowest setting, which is 960×540.

3. Graphics

Here we choose what graphic settings we want the game to run on our cellphones. In contrast to the resolution earlier, in graphics, we choose what kind of graphics rendering quality we want.

There are options ranging from

So smooth
Smooth HD
Smooth hdr

So from that choice, if you choose so smooth, then the image that appears will be rendered faster, but the results are not detailed. For example, you will see grass that is not sharp, looks checkered, or a tree will see leaf boxes, and so on.

Conversely, if you choose hdr graphics, the game display on your screen will look more realistic. No more visible boxes on the object. But when using the hdr settings, the cellphone will be slow, hotter than usual.

That’s because the phone is forced to render it as best it can.

If you are concerned with smooth game performance, just choose so smooth.

4. FPS (frames per second)

You must already know that games that run at low fps will not give you satisfaction. The higher the fps, the smoother our movements in the game.

You can choose for yourself which fps you are comfortable with. There are 3 options, namely 30 fps, 50 fps or 60 fps.

Here I suggest setting it to 60 fps only. That is the highest fps so that PUBG games can run smoothly.

The consequence is that the cellphone will feel a little hot.

5. Anti aliasing

Anti aliasing is about textures, such as grass or trees. If anti alias is disabled, then the texture of grass or trees will not look smooth.

If you want smooth game performance, just turn off the anti alias.

6. Style

In the PUBG game there are 5 display options, namely:

This affects the contrast and color saturation. Everyone has tastes, some like soft, or movies. Please choose according to your convenience. It has no effect on game performance. This is about how comfortable you are in seeing the battlefield on the maps presented by PUBG mobile.

7. Rendering quality

It’s about how much maximum rendering quality you want. There are 3 rendering options.

The higher the rendering quality, the sharper the image will appear. But to get it, you need a higher hp spec. Not only large ram, but smartphone processor speed also has an effect.

For those who are after performance, just choose a low setting, then the PUBG game will be smoother.

8. Shadows

It’s about shadows. If it is turned off then no more shadows appear.

My advice if you rush rankings, you definitely want to quickly see the enemy. Yes, right.

By disabling the shadow then we will see the enemy faster. No longer hindered by shadows.

9. Shadow Distance

This option is used to specify how far away the shadow will be rendered. For example, you are aiming at a target that is far in front of you, so there you can choose to activate or deactivate this feature.

Because if this feature is activated, your cellphone will render a texture that allows there to be shadows.

Which, when rendered, will slow down the performance of a low-spec cellphone.

My choice is to choose low only.

10. Moving Shadows

The moving shadow option is the newest option from the GFX Tool, it hits the moving 3D area that gets the shadow area. If this is enabled then shadows on opposing objects or running cars will still be rendered.

Which will cause certain cellphones to be a little heavy.

My recommendation is to set disable.

11. Texture Quality

It is also the newest option of GFX Tool which allows you to get better image quality or not.

This option will allow you to get a bit more detailed weapons, buildings, vehicles, grass details.

If this is set to high, then you will get a very good display, but the performance of the cellphone will decrease slightly because it is forced to render the detailed texture.

My choice is to choose low or disable it.

12. Effect Quality

This option allows you to get quality when shooting, blazing, hearing explosions or shots from enemies.

This option can be considered light, but for better cellphone performance, set it to low.

13. Improvements for effects

This option is an advanced option from the effect quality above. If this is enabled then you can receive a small portion of the increase in the effects you set.

Like the sound of gunshots is clearer, or the overall graphic quality will be better.

But if your cellphone is open to a high-spec cellphone, this option is disabled.

14. Object LOD Distance

Used to set the render distance from an object, such as a building, or a target.

If this is enabled then from a distance you will quickly get a rendering of the object.

My suggestion is to set this option to low.

15. Foliage LOD Distance

This option allows you to render the texture of the grass or shrubs around you.

Set low only.

16. Color Format

If your cellphone is capable of rendering 64 bit color, please set it to 64, but my suggestion is that 32 bit is enough.

With settings like that, you will get much better game performance.

64-bit color settings will be more suitable for ipad users, or tablets with large screens.

17. Fashion details

This option is completely unnecessary. But the GFX tool prepares it for those of you who really want a stunning graphic display.

All details of the game will be displayed to the maximum. Like clearer enemies, more detailed houses, more realistic grass, or more vibrant trees.

My advice is just disable it. Because this option will take up a lot of resources from your cellphone’s processor and graphics.

18. Light effects

In addition to shadows, there is also a choice of how good the light quality is.

If you want to enjoy a real PUBG experience, just activate these light effects.

But for those who are after performance, it would be nice if this was just disabled.

19. Graphics API

You should know that there are 2 types of software that smartphones use as manufacturer standards, namely: Vulcan and OpenGL. For more details, just google it.

For this setting, just choose the default, you don’t need to change it because the GFX tool will detect what API your cellphone uses.

20. GPU optimization

This option will optimize your gpu performance. The GFX tool provides stable settings for the PUBG game so it will run smoothly.

My choice for this is to enable it.

21. Sound Quality

This option allows you to get sound effects while playing, for example hearing clearer steps, or better weapon effects.

To maximize this setting, make sure you are using a good headset when playing PUBG games.

22. Save controls

Activate this mode, so when you want to enter the game again, you don’t need to open the GFX tool application again. Simply the game will save the settings that have been made above.

23. Finally you press accept. Then press the run game button again. Then the PUBG mobile game will load.

See the difference, the fps will feel smoother. With 60 fps, the PUBG mobile gaming experience becomes more enjoyable.

the latest gfx tool settings for pubg mobile games

the latest gfx tool settings so it doesn't lag


From the above review, please set the GFX tool on your cellphone with the following settings::

Select Version = 0.19(Global)
Resolution = 960×540
Graphics = So Smooth
FPS = 60 FPS
Anti Aliasing = Disable
Styles = Color full
Rendering Quality = Low
Shadow = Disable
Effect Quality = Low
Improvement for Effects =Low
Object Load Distance = Low
Foliage Lod Distance = Low
Color Format t= 32-Bit
Light Effects = Disable
GPU Optimization = Enable
Sound Quality = Low
Save Controls = Enable

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The final word

That’s the PUBG tool’s GFX settings so it doesn’t lag.

Using the GFX tool would be an alternative for cellphone users with low specs to play PUBG smoothly without any more lag.

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