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How to Setting PUBG Mobile Sensitivity for Camera Scope, ADS and Gyroscope

Learn PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings to get perfect control

mrfdn – Getting a chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile becomes a very pleasant thing if we really understand how to set the game.

One of the pubg game settings that is highly recommended to understand is the sensitivity setting.

Sensitivity is a very personal thing for every player.

You can find various sensitivity settings on youtube. However, not all pro player sensitivity settings can be followed.

Maybe when applied to our own cellphones the results are not as good as the people on YouTube.

What’s the reason?

Because everyone’s settings are different even though the cellphone used is the same. The way people play is different. Some are advanced and some are just learning.

Therefore, first of all, we must know what needs to be set in the pubg mobile game.

If you go into the sensitivity settings there are some important things to note, here’s an explanation.

Explanation of PUBG Mobile Camera, Ads and Gyroscope Settings

Basically there are 4 parts of sensitivity settings that you can adjust according to your convenience, namely setting free look camera, camera when shooting, ads sensitivity, and gyroscope.

And here are the things that you really need to pay attention to to get the best settings.

  1. Free look camera settings
  2. Setting Camera scope red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x
  3. Setting Sensitivity ads
  4. – 1st person camera no scope
  5. – 3rd person no scope
  6. Gyroscope settings

Here I want to share how to set the correct sensitivity so that you can play pubg mobile well, more smoothly, and according to your playing character.

1. Setting Camera free look

how to set the sensitivity of pubg mobile so that it runs smoothly
pubg mobile camera sensitivity settings

This setting will make it easier for you to see objects around you.

When you run you can press eye button then look around.

Well, the higher the sensitivity, the faster the movement of your camera in seeing the surrounding conditions.

2. Setting Camera Scope red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x

pubg mobile camera sensitivity setting is smooth
pubg mobile camera sensitivity settings. See how smoothly you can move from one object to another. Do it in training mode.

See how smoothly you can move from one object to another. Do it in training mode.

Scope settings consist of red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

The higher the number of scopes used, the farther the visibility of your shot.

The high scope is usually used for sniper weapons.

Usually the higher the scope used, the lower the value.

For example, when I use an 8x scope, I set the sensitivity below 10 percent.

Because it has only been shifted a little, the shot has moved very far.

3. Ads Sensitivity Settings

pubg mobile ads settings are smooth
pubg mobile ads sensitivity setting menu

This ads sensitivity setting is very important because this will affect when we shoot at the target. This ad setting can only be felt when you are shooting using heavy weapons such as AKM, M416, DP28 and so on.

If when you shoot your weapon moves up or down or sideways, your ads must be set correctly. That’s because the recoil of weapons is different, some are low and some are very high.

If it’s too sensitive, lower the sensitivity until you get a comfortable fit. If your device / cellphone is too sensitive, then it’s better to lower the settings a little bit.

The method is very easy, try lowering it 10% from the current setting, and do not use any attachments when shooting (recoil, vertical or horizontal, and the like)

Do it in training mode, repeat until you get the most comfortable ad sensitivity setting. At least not too shaking anymore.

ADS >> 1st person camera no scope

difference between tpp and fpp

This setting is when you are using fpp (first person perspective) + mode without aiming with the scope.

Like playing counter strike. So what you see is only your weapon.

Just adjust according to your convenience.

ADS >> 3rd person no scope

This setting works when you play in tpp (third person perspective) + mode without aiming using the scope.

So what is visible is the player’s entire body, and the target that is still reached by the cross assist (the red/white/green part in the middle of the screen as a target clue).

4. PUBG Gyroscope Settings

This setting is useful for those who use the gyroscope sensor found on the cellphone to aim at the enemy.

Many pro players use a gyroscope.

By using this gyroscope, it will be very easy to shoot enemies, make the weapon not vibrate, and shoot enemies faster.

Pro tip: If you are a beginner, learn to use a gyroscope because if you are used to using it without a gyroscope it will be quite difficult to learn later. Trust me.

An example of an image of PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings on my Xiaomi Redmi 4x android phone

my latest smooth pubg mobile camera, ads, gyroscope settings

Explanation of the sensitivity setting image above

So I found that to get a good sensitivity, we first find the desired camera settings.

Do it in training mode according to the weapon you often use with some movement and shots without using the scope first.

More details like this…

a. Do it in tpp and fpp mode

  • Find one that is comfortable with your hand.
  • You can start from low settings (low) first.
  • If it feels too slow to move, try setting it to medium, then to high (the one with the highest sensitivity)

After that, install the scope starting from the red dot, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x scopes.

See how smoothly you can change the direction of the shot using the scope (not how stable the scope is).

b. Now move to the ads settings

Here I lower my 3rd person no scope camera setting to 80% so it doesn’t vibrate too much when shooting without a scope.

Then move to the Red dot, 2x, 3x, and 4x ads settings.

There I set the ads 2 times lower than the camera settings.

I think that by going down twice the sensitivity will be slightly better. While on the 6x and 8x scopes I leave it the same.

Disclaimer :: This setting is just my version that I use on my android phone. If you follow it, maybe it will be different from my playing habits.

So find your best setting.


I’ve tried copy paste control and sensitive player pro settings, but the results weren’t what I expected.

When we have found our own sensitive pubg mobile settings then we will be very comfortable playing this battle royale game.

Maybe that’s all my explanation about pubg mobile sensitivity settings. The sensitivity image above is the setting that I use on an Android smartphone with a 5-inch screen size, namely the xiaomi redmi 4x.

Please explore your pubg mobile sensitivity settings for yourself and then get chicken dinner easily.

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