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How to Set Gameloop Emulator So It Doesn't Lag

How to set up the PUBG Gameloop emulator – One of the best emulators for playing PUBG Mobile on a PC or laptop is Gameloop. This emulator was previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) which has now changed its name to Gameloop.

This Gameloop emulator provides a variety of mobile games that can be installed and played on a PC or laptop. Just like the Google Play Store, many popular games are available on Gameloop such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Free Fire, AOV to Chess Rush.

Gameloop can provide an amazing gaming experience because various games can be played smoothly. In addition, using key mapping easily to control the game is certainly an advantage of this Gameloop emulator.

For those of you who are new to using Gameloop, then you need to set it first so that it runs smoothly when playing and has a high FPS. For how to set the Gameloop emulator so that it doesn’t lag or break, just take a look at the following tutorial.

How to Set Gameloop Emulator So It Doesn’t Lag

Here are the steps for setting a low-end Gameloop PC to overcome lag, especially in the PUBG Mobile game.

Step 1. First, please open the Gameloop application that has been installed. Then click the menu icon in the upper right corner.

PUBG Gameloop Emulator Settings

Step 2. Then select the Engine menu. Then change the following settings to get optimal performance as follows.

PUBG Gameloop Emulator Settings

Here are some options that you can set so that the Gameloop emulator doesn’t lag:

  1. In the Rendering section there will be several options, namely OpenGL, DirectX, OpenGL +, DirectX + and Smart Mode. So please select the Smart Mode option for the best selection.
  2. Then check the Render Cache, Enforce Global Render Cache, Prioritize Dedicated GPU and Rendering Optimization options. This option works for cache and rendering optimization and prioritizes discrete VGA which will certainly make the game smoother and smoother.
  3. In the Anti-Aliasing section, please turn it off by selecting the Close option. This Anti-Aliasing function makes the graphic appearance smoother or reduces the effect of serrations on objects. Of course, this option will take up more resources on the PC, so turn it off for best performance.
  4. For Memory, please select a memory capacity of 4096MB or 4GB to play games like PUBG Mobile on the Emulator. If the RAM capacity is not sufficient, please select a minimum of 2GB.
  5. In Processor, please select the number of cores that match the processor you are using. Suppose you are using a quad core processor, so to maximize performance, please select option 4.
  6. For the Resolution and DPI section, please select according to the size and resolution of the monitor screen. Of course, the lower the resolution and DPI this will significantly affect the FPS. Please select a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels and 160 DPI so that the graphics are not fast and blurry.

Additional Tips for Overcoming Gameloop Emulator Lag

Here are some tips that you can try to reduce and overcome Gameloop emulator lag.

1. Change the Power Plan to High Performance

To change the power plan on Windows, please right-click the battery icon on the taskbar and select Power Options. Then select the High Performance option.

2. Turn on CPU Virtualization

This technology functions so that the processor can run various virtual applications smoothly, especially this emulator. You can enable virtualization via BIOS and select menu advancethen find and activate the option Virtualization Technology.

3. Update VGA Driver

Make sure you have updated the VGA driver to the latest version to get the latest features and performance optimization. For Nvidia, please download via the website nvidia.comand for those of you who use AMD VGA, please see How to Update the AMD Adrenaline 2022 VGA Driver

The final word…

So, that’s how to set the Gameloop emulator so that it doesn’t lag 2022. Well maybe that’s all a short article to overcome the lag on this emulator, good luck and hopefully it’s useful.

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