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How to Register & Download FF Advance Server APK September 2022

Download Free Fire Advance Server APK – Recently, Garena has re-opened Advance Server registration for the Free Fire game in September 2022. Survivors have been waiting for this FF Advance Server registration.

Free Fire Advance Server itself is a special server where players can enjoy the latest features that have not been released in the global version of Free Fire. Advance Server can also be considered as a test server with the aim of finding bugs before being released to the main server.

For those of you who want to download the FF Advance Server APK to find out the latest features. Now in this article, Teknolalat will review how to register and download the latest Free Fire Advance Server 2022, let’s just check the tutorial below.

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server September 2022

  1. First please visit the site
  2. Next click the button Facebook Login.
  3. Next in the registration column, please fill in the data in the form of full name, email and cellphone number. Then click the button Join Now!. (Make sure your registered email and mobile number are still active)
  4. After that you will be directed to the Adv Client Free Fire Advance Server APK download page specifically for Android. Note: FF Advanced Server can only be downloaded on 9 September – 16 September 2022.
  5. Please click button Download Apk to start downloading FF Advance Server APK. For information, this Free Fire Advance Server APK (FFadv_6x.xx.x_xxxx_ID.apk) is about 1.1GB, so make sure you have adequate quota and internal storage.
Download FF Advance Server APK 2021

After registration and downloading the FF Advance Server APK has been completed, then you need an activation code for FF Advance Server 2022. Please check the email you registered to get an activation code consisting of 16 unique characters.

After that, you can enter the activation code to log into the Free Fire Advance Server game. Please note that this activation code can only be used for one account, so you cannot use a previously used code.

That’s a review on how to download Free Fire Advance Server July 2022. Because registration for FF Advance Server APK is limited, it is recommended that you register immediately. If it doesn’t work, then you can try the next registration.

Alright, that’s all for this short article, good luck and hopefully it will be useful. If you have problems downloading and activating the Free Fire Advance Server APK MediaFire 2022, please comment below.

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