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How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Game Force Close After Update

PUBG mobile force game closed after update

mrfdn – PUBG mobile games always provide updates. Maybe not every week or every month there is an update. Gamers will definitely be a little annoyed if updates are always displayed on the screen before playing.

Indeed, by updating the game gaps that can’t be covered. Like doing major updates and minor updates.


Major update is where the update file on the game is very large. So to do it is usually done through the playstore / appstore.

Whereas minor updates is a small update. Its nature is only as an addition / patch to the game. Minor improvements to the performance and appearance of the game you are viewing.

Luckily the pubg game rarely updates. His fans might run away.

What happened after doing a minor pubg mobile update

Just as an experience share, before playing pubg mobile games. When after logging in, a notification appears for an update.

The update file listed is only small, about 25 mb. So I just update it.

After the update is complete, the pubg game asks to restart the game. So I closed the game then reopened it.

But what happened, before getting to the game menu, suddenly the pubg mobile game force closed (fc).

I again tried to get into the game. But still like that. I think this game update is not compatible with my cellphone. What’s more, my cellphone runs on a custom rom, namely Pixel Experience.

pubg mobile fc game solution (force closed) after update

I entered settings >> apps >> pubg mobile >> storage

Click clear cache

clear the pubg mobile game cache so it doesn’t force closed after updating

Restart the game

Try logging back into the pubg game and finally the game runs smoothly without force close.


That’s my experience, maybe there are some who experience, please follow the method above.

If you have a similar experience, please comment below.

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