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How to Get Booyah Use These 3 Free Fire Features

In the gameFree Fire, players can use various strategies to get Booyah. Some who support victory are capable weapons, supporting weapons.

However, there are still many players who do not maximize the features in this game.

Although considered simple, some features in the Free Fire game can make the game more efficient.

Here are 3 recommended Free Fire features that can be used while playing.

1. Free Look

The Free Look feature has been in the game since February 2021.

Free Look makes it easier for players to see the surrounding area while running.

After getting this feature update, players can also use it when using a vehicle.

2. Jump Master

Jumps Master is suitable for teams who don't want to scatter.

This feature will automatically appoint one player to be the team leader.

When the leader goes down, all teammates will automatically follow him.

3. Auto Headshot

This Auto Headshot feature is quite useful for novice players in Free Fire.

Players who use this feature will be helped to hit the opponent's head.

That way the chances of getting Booyah are greater.

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