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How to Fake GPS Mobile Legends 2022, Auto Supreme

How to Fake GPS Mobile Legends Supreme – Being the top Street Leaderboard in the Mobile Legends game can be a matter of pride for players. Because title achieved can appear on the profile view and also battle loading.

Just like the top global heroes, to become the top street leaderboard players need to push rank using the mainstay hero vigorously to increase MMR and get title.

To reach the top Street Leaderboard in Mobile Legends is certainly not easy. There are many difficulties in the push rank process, moreover MMR points will drop considerably if you lose.

However, now there is a trick that will make it easier for you to get title Supreme in Mobile Legends, namely by changing the location to a country with lower MMR points through the Fake GPS application.

The purpose of Fake GPS is to avoid the high competition for points and GB MMR in Indonesia. Well, if you are interested in using this trick, then please see how to use Fake GPS Mobile Legends below.

How to Use Fake GPS Mobile Legends Fast Supreme

This tutorial on how to use Fake GPS ML can be applied to various Android phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc. Immediately, here are the steps on how to use Fake GPS ML:

1. Download Fake GPS Location APK Aplikasi

download fake gps play store

The first step you need to do is download and install the Fake GPS APK application on your smartphone. You can download this Fake GPS Location APK via Google Play Store.

The size of this Fake GPS application is relatively small, only about 1 MB, so you don’t have to worry that this application will make the internal memory on your smartphone full.

2. Run Fake GPS App and Give Location Access

After successfully installing the Fake GPS application, please open the application and then provide the necessary permissions such as Storage and Location.

After activating location or GPS, then next you need to activate Fake GPS in the option mock location app via menu Developer options or Developer mode.

fake gps settings

Well, for the setting steps you can follow the combination below:

  • Open menu Arrangement or Settings on your cellphone.
  • Click on About phone or About phone.
  • Then click on UI Version 10 times until it appears “Now you are a developer“.
  • Still in Settings, please enter the menu Additional settings -> Developer options.
  • Then scroll down and click on Select mock location app and select Fake GPS.
  • Done, please reopen the Fake GPS application.
Enable developer options lock location

3. Select the desired location and enable fake GPS

Next, select the country you want and it’s most likely deserted or even there are no Mobile Legends players in that country, for example: Sudan.

If so, please enable Fake GPS via the green button in the lower right corner. If successful, the Fake GPS application status will appear in the notification panel.

Choose a quiet country and activate fake gps

4. Run the Mobile Legends Game and Enter the Street Leaderboard

After activating Fake GPS through the steps above, the next step is to open the Mobile Legends application. Then open the menu Leaderboard on the top -> Then select Road.

Next, please click the gear icon in the upper right corner to scanning and change to the country according to Fake GPS settings.

location setting ml fake gps

5. Scan for New Location

Finally, wait for the new location scanning process to finish. If it has been detected and matches the location you want, please confirm by pressing the button OK.

change country location fake gps

After successfully changing the location, then you need to play at least 1 rank match according to the mainstay hero to start getting ranking on the Street Leaderboard. If you have gotten a ranking, then title will be received on Monday.

It should also be noted, you can only change location once per week. So make sure the selection of the location is right and there is minimal competition in order to get it faster title Supreme.

Country for Fake GPS Mobile Legend

You can choose any country, with tips, namely avoiding countries with the biggest Mobile Legends game fans, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Besides that, of course there are many location options that you can choose from. Reported from my Esports page, here are some: quiet country suitable for Fake GPS Mobile Legends:

  • Belarus
  • Qatar
  • Denmark
  • German
  • Dutch
  • romania
  • Turkey
  • Kuwait
  • Egypt
  • Ukraine
  • Finland
  • Etc.

So, that’s how to use Fake GPS Mobile Legends. By using this trick, of course you will get a title like top global faster. Well, that’s it for this article and I hope it’s useful.

Can Fake GPS Mobile Legends be used on iOS?

You can use Fake GPS on iPhone without Jailbreak. For the tutorial, you can see here.

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