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Free Fire Redeem Code January 29, 2022

The redeem code for FF ( Free Fire ) on January 29, 2022, is the most awaited for Survivors because of the flood of prizes that can be obtained for free.

Such as Dawnit Drago Backpack, Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, Wasteland Roamer, Atlantic Warrior, and many others.

Survivors do not need to spend diamonds (Free Fire currency) to own them.

Although some redeem codes for Free Fire on January 29, 2022, are not new, they are still claimed as long as they have not expired.

The thing that Survivors need to remember is that many redeem codes have time limits and quotas, so you have to claim them immediately.

The following is a row of redeem codes for FF January 29, 2022, from the official Instagram account post @freefirebgid and the Sluug Gaming YouTube channel, as well as PSB VIOLET :

  • FF11 K3SE JHFU - 1x Dawnlit Drago Parachute, 1x Dawnit Drago Backpack, 2x Diamond Royale Voucher Feb Exp, 2x Weapon Royale Voucher Feb Exp
  • FF11 9MB3 PFA5 - 1X Wasteland Roamer (Head) dan 1X Atlantic Warrior (Shoes)
  • FF11 64XN JZ2V
  • FF11 NJN5 YS3E

  • FF11 HHGC GK3B
  • FF11 DAKX 4WHV

  • FF11 1TSN JX6E
  • FF11 1N59 GPA5
  • FF10 TXPH 7F7U
  • FF10 PRF6 299F

For Survivors who are still unfamiliar, here are the steps to claim the redeem code January 29, 2022:

Open the official website page

  1. Log in to the Free Fire account
  2. Use a FF account that has been bound using a Facebook or VK account
  3. Enter the redeem code series in the Redeem Your Code column then click Confirm
  4. If successful, the prize will be sent directly to the in-game email menu

Have fun playing Survivors!

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