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Easy-to-use Hero and Painful Damage

Hello guys welcome back at bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. This time we will discuss Heroes that are Easy to Use and Painful Damage in Season 18 of Mobile Legend, Check this out !!.

The following heroes are easy to use and the damage is painful in Mobile Legends

1. Hilda

Hero Hilda

Hilda is a tank fighter hero who has a fairly high durability and offense which is meta in this season. For the level of difficulty playing Hilda, it is very easy to have a passive that can regenerate HP when in the bushes, making Hilda an anti-recal, especially the damage to Hilda’s hero who now makes Hilda’s hero worthy of reckoning. Hilda has skill 1 which can increase her movement speed which is good for chasing enemies or escaping. In addition, Hilda has the ultimate skill that can do Slash with full power, dealing high damage and causing a stun effect to the target.

Build Hilda

Hilda hero items

2. Balmond

Balmond hero

Balmond is a tank fighter hero who has high durability and offense and is easy to use. Balmond has skill 1 which can change in the specified direction and this skill is buffed with a further change distance. Balmond also has skill 2 which can do damage continuously to nearby opponents and this skill is also a buff in terms of damage so skill 2 balmond is more painful for now. In addition, Balmond has the ultimate skill that can give True Damage quickly to a predetermined area in the form of a fan in the future and deals high and slow damage to the opponent it hits.

Build Balmond

Balmond hero items

3. Ruby

ruby hero

Ruby is a Fighter Tank hero specializing in Crowd Control Regen which has High Damage and High Lifesteal. Ruby has skill 1 which can slash with her scythe forward and cause a slow effect to the enemy it hits. In addition, Ruby has the ultimate skill that can attract opponents towards her and cause a stun effect. So you can use this skill for open war. Try to attract all the enemies so that your team can help attack the enemy.

Ruby Build

ruby hero items

4. Esmeralda

hero esmeralda

Esmeralda is a Hero Mage Tank who specializes in Mixed Damage Regen who has extraordinary skills and is easy to use. Esmeralda has skill 1 which can create a shield and gain movement speed that decreases with duration. Meanwhile, he gradually turned the shields of nearby opponents into shields for himself. In addition, Esmeralda has skill 2 which can swing Stardust and Frostmoon, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents and reducing the cooldown of the other skill. Esmeralda also has the ultimate skill that unites strength, the longer the duration, the greater the power. Use this skill again to cast Starddust in the specified direction, dealing magic damage and immobilizing enemies in the area.

Build Esmeralda

esmeralda hero items

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5. Cecilion

hero cecilion

Cecilion is a Hero Mage who specializes in poke brust damage that has high damage. Cecilion has skill 1 which can command a giant bat to attack in a specified direction along the path. After landing, the bat will strike again, dealing damage again. Meanwhile, Cecilion’s Movement Speed ​​increases when this skill is used. In addition, Cecilion has skill 2 which can cause a strong crowd control effect. When combined with skill 1, Cecilion can deal enormous damage with the right combo skill. Cecilion also has the ultimate skill that can shoot Blood Energy at nearby enemies, dealing damage and slowing them down while recovering his own HP.

Build Cecilion

cecilion hero items

6. Alucard

alucard heroes

Alucard is a newly revamped fighter hero that has a high lifesteal and is easy to use. Alucard has skill 1 which can jump to a predetermined area and make a slash dealing physical damage to all opponents in the area. In addition, Alucard has skill 2 which can attack nearby opponents, dealing physical damage to the opponent it hits. Alucard has the ultimate skill that can absorb the opponent’s energy in a predetermined area, increase Physical Lifesteal and reduce the target’s movement speed. His passive will activate whenever he deals damage to the target and during this period, he can release a powerful Shock Wave forward dealing physical damage to the opponent.

Build Alucard

alucard hero items

7. Aldous

hero aldous

Aldous is a fighter hero who specializes in the deadliest Burst Damage in mobile legends, especially if you are given free farming to collect stack auto craze. Aldous has skill 1 which can release the energy within him to strengthen the next Basic Attack. If this attack eliminates an enemy unit or hero, the additional damage from this skill will permanently increase. When attacking a Minion or Monster, the damage from the amplified Basic Attack will increase. In addition, Aldous has the ultimate skill that can see the position of the opponent’s Hero for a few seconds. During this skill, if Aldous uses this skill for the second time while this skill is still active, Aldous can Dash towards the opponent’s hero and cause a Knockback effect. Tips for playing Aldous, you have to be patient to collect as many stacks as possible so that the damage is maximum. Why is this that the opponent is afraid of Aldous when in the late game because the damage is like a cheater who has very drastic high damage.

Build Aldous

aldous hero items

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8. Valir

hero valir

Valir is an easy-to-use Damage Guard specialist hero mage. Valir has skill 1 which can issue Fireball in the specified direction. The fireball will explode and deal magic damage to the opponent and if the first target of the fireball is the opponent’s hero, the stream will get the fireball stack back. In addition, valir also has skill 2 which can release a stream of fire forward, dealing magic damage and causing a knockback effect. Valir also has the ultimate skill that can remove all CC effects from it and strengthen the damage skills from Brust Fireball and Searing Torrent.

Build Valir

valir hero items

9. Zilong

zilong hero

Zilong is a newly revamped Hero Fighter Assassin that specializes in Chase Damage and is easy to use. Zilong has skill 1 which can lift opponents behind him and give physical damage. In addition, Zilong has skill 2 which runs towards the target and attacks with his Dragon Spear, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s Physical Defense. Zilong also has the ultimate skill that can provide movement speed and attack speed and become immune to slow effects so the skill is very good for chasing enemies or escaping from enemy attacks.

Zilong Build

zilong hero items

10. Saber

saber hero

Saber is a newly revamped Hero Assassin that specializes in Charge Reap and is easy to use. Saber has skill 1 which can issue 5 flying swords with each sword dealing physical damage and will fly back to the saber and reduce the cooldown of skill 2. In addition, saber has skill 2 which can charge in a predetermined direction. Saber gains an increased basic attack after charging, dealing physical damage and slowing the target. Saber also has the ultimate skill that can lock the opponent and cause an airbone effect to the target. During this period, the saber will make 3 consecutive slashes.

Build Saber

saber hero items

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
Hope it is useful.

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