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Confused about the Latest Magic Chess Update? How come 4 stars? Can't Hero, Complete Synergy? Here's the explanation

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Today I will give you information about Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. This time I will give information on the Latest Update of Magic Chess 2022.

Magic chess is a strategy game in mobile legend arcade mode that has fans and enthusiasm of many players in this arcade mode. Here 8 Players will compete against each other on this Chessboard. You are required to buy and upgrade heroes and set the lineup to activate more and more powerful synergies!

Activating Synergy as quickly as possible is a basic tactic on the battlefield. Each Hero belongs to a certain faction and role. When there is a different hero with a different faction or role in the field, the Synergy bonus effect will be activated. Only a good lineup can achieve high positions. Generally, use heroes with high defense in the front row and high damage ranged heroes in the back row. So in the preparation phase, you can adjust your lineup and formation.

In playing magic chess, you can set a strategy to play magic chess and pay attention to your opponent’s lineup and get a hero who can fight them. In the battle phase, you have to survive the attacks of monsters and other players. By saving extra gold, you can buy some heroes to fight your enemies. By defeating the enemy can slow down the speed of their Hero Upgrade to 3-Star.

Explanation of the Latest Synergy Update Magic Chess 2021

But in the Latest Update Season Magic Chess Blazing Hammer is here. Many new Hero, Synergy, “Blessing” features are popping up. Makes magic chess players confused with the synergy hero changes and the blezzing. Where these features are very influential, starting from the existence of a hero being able to become a 4-star, full Synergy Combo even though the hero has not been able to and others.

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The following is an explanation of the Magic Chess Blazzing Hammer Update.
New Synergy

  • “Wyrmslayer Warrior” Gained a boost effect at the start of the Round, which is refreshed upon elimination. The Synergy Wyrmslayer heroes have Ling, Kimmy, Valir, Masha, Estes.
  • “Astro Power” Strengthens Hero Randomly. Hero Synergy Astro Power there are Martis, Karina, Lancelot, Irithel, Odette, Badang.
  • “Nature Spirit” Regen’s HP increases continuously. The Synergy Nature Spirit heroes have Miya, Eudora, Bellerick, Lolita.
  • “Venom” Reduces the target’s Heal effect and deals damage continuously. The Synergy Venom heroes are Gusion, Hanabi, Harley, Grock, Angela.
  • “Lightborn” After dealing or taking damage multiple times, gains Damage Reduction. The Synergy Lightborn heroes have Alucard, Fanny, Granger, Harith, Tigreal.
  • “Los Pecados” Gets Gold after eliminating a Hero. Synergy Los Pecados heroes are Franco, Clint, Claude, Aldous, Esmeralda.
  • The previous adjustment “Mech Era” came from the synergy empire. The Synergy Mech Era heroes have Saber, Hayabusa, Lesley, Karrie, Gord, Nana.
  • The previous adjustment “Cadia Riverlands” comes from the synergy dragon altar. Hero Synergy Cadia Riverlands unchanged and added chou .
  • “Swordsman” Summons a sword that rotates around him to attack after the skill deals damage. The Synergy Swordsman heroes are Ling, Saber, Hayabusa, Lancelot.
  • “Archer” Attack Speed ​​increases after each Basic Attack. The Synergy Archer heroes are Wanwan, Karrie, Miya, Hanabi, Moskov.
  • “Support” After using the Skill, Hero Support strengthens a team’s Hero. Hero Synergy Support there are Estes, Nana, Angela.
  • “Elementalist” Revamped all heroes restore Mana periodically. The Synergy Elementalist heroes are Luo Yi, Valir, Gord, Eudora, Aurora.
  • Revamped “Targetman” increases the HP of the closest team’s Hero at the beginning of the Round. The Synergy Targetman heroes are Lolita, Tigreal.
  • “Gunner” comes from synergy marksman with a few tweaks. The Synergy Gunner heroes have Kimmy, Lesley, Granger, Clint, Claude.

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Blezzing Mechanism
With the latest update of magic chess, there is a “blezzing” that is useful for providing random additional synergies when upgrading star hero levels, so it’s easy to get 6 synergies combos without collecting synergies from all heroes and can even get 4 Star Heroes. have a chance to get the following “Blezzing”:

  • “Blezzing Team Spirit – Swift” Increases Attack Speed. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Team Spirit – Wise” Increases Magic Damage. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Team Spirit – Firmness” Increases Physical Defense. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Hero’s Behest – Striker” Increases Physical Attack. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Hero’s Behest – Refined” Increases Mana Regen Speed. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Hero’s Behest – Briliance” Increases Max HP. Activation of Low Faction Synery is at least 1.
  • “Blezzing Protostar Breakthrough” Increases +1 Star Level when battle starts.

The question is: How to get the Blezzing? So to get the blezzing “not certain and depends on hockey”, sometimes according to our synergy strategy or vice versa. So with this feature change, Moonton can provide its own challenge for magic chess players to adjust the synergy battlefield strategy when getting random blezzing.

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
Hope it is useful.

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