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Carmilla Mobile Legends Build Items Hurt

Tips and how to play Carmilla Mobile Legends hero

mrfdn – Carmilla is the newest Mobile Legends hero to come after Silvanna.

This hero is of the support genre. His special ability is dealing damage and surviving when cc.

build carmilla mobile legends

In case you didn’t know, in the story, Carmilla is Cecilion’s partner/girlfriend. If they are on the same team they can activate special skills.

The special skill is that Carmilla enters Cecilion’s body and gives a buff/shield.

As a support hero, Carmilla has the advantages of crowd control and balanced damage. Passive skills will seize the enemy’s physical and magic defense when he deals damage.

Skill 1 Carmila : crimson flower

When used, carmila will produce red flowers that will surround it for a few seconds.

Speed ​​will increase by 25 percent

If it hits the opponent, the opponent will get a 30% slow effect, get a magical damage effect and a passive effect from Carmila.

This spin will increase when it hits the opponent. At the same time Carmila will also receive the HP health effect. But if the flower hits the minion then the effect of the flower will be slightly reduced.

Skill 2 carmilla: bloodbath

Carmilla will collect 5 petals.

Speed ​​increases by 60 percent, and will decrease for 3.5 seconds.

If it hits the opponent, the opponent will get a stunt effect for .75 seconds.

Skill 3 carmilla : curse of blood

Carmilla’s ultimate skill will throw a blood attack at the specified target.

When this skill hits the opponent, the effect of this skill will hit/spread to other enemy heroes nearby. That’s why carmilla is good at crowd control.

The hero affected by the ultimate effect will receive magical damage and a slow effect for 5 seconds.

When this skill spreads to other heroes, the hero who is the main target must continue to be targeted, so that the effect on his friends will continue to be felt.

Combo skills

skill 2 >> skill 3 >> skill 2 >> skill 1

Emblem suitable for carmilla

support, tanker, or custom mage.

A spell suitable for carmilla

for spells use aegis or flicker.

Carmilla build items

  • Demon shoes – used to increase movement speed and high mana regen
  • Ice queen wand – to slow down the opponent’s movement
  • Fleeting time
  • Lightning truncheon – to provide cooldown reduction
  • Necklace of Durance – reduces the opponent’s HP regen effect
  • Immortality – for carmilla to come back to life after being killed.

build carmilla mobile legends hurts

Tips for using hero carmilla

Take advantage of cc moments to support the team.

Always stunt your opponent.

Video how to play Carmilla

The final word

That’s a short tutorial using carmilla hero, equipped with the most painful builds that you can use.

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