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Build Qiqi Healer, Best Weapons and Artifacts

Do you play Genshin Impact and are active in forums or communities? Sure, you often see Qiqi memes. Yep, this meme usually appears when a new character is released, then players fail to get the character because of the rate-off, and instead get a "standard" character like Qiqi.

The question is, is Qiqi really that useless until it becomes a meme by the community? Hits, make no mistake. Qiqi is currently arguably one of the strongest healer characters. Especially after a new update that indirectly makes it even stronger!

If you have Qiqi but it wasn't built because it was influenced by memes, now is the time to "repent". Because, if built with the right weapons and artifacts, he can be a very OP healer. Moreover, at this time the existence of a healer is needed because of the mechanical corrosion.

Build Qiqi Healer Genshin Impact

The best weapon to build Qiqi Healer

1. Skyward Blade (B5)

This weapon has an Energy Recharge substate of up to 55.1% (level 90). By using the Skyward Blade, you can get more energy particles so you can use Elemental Burst more often.

Qiqi's healing came from her Elemental Skill and Burst. This means that you can heal more often, and make Qiqi even more useful in battle. In addition, Basic ATK also affects the amount of healing produced.

Skyward Blade is also suitable for you early game players.  Because the passive effect of this weapon can make Qiqi a pretty good DPS. A passive effect called Sky-piercing Fangs will activate after activating Burst, then grants Normal and Charged ATK DMG bonuses, as well as Movement and ATK Speed.

2. Summit Shaper (B5)

This sword does not seem suitable in terms of appearance with Qiqi's character design. However, make no mistake, the effects and abilities of this weapon can actually make Qiqi even stronger.

How come? Because Summit Shaper has a large ATK% substate (49.1% at level 90). It fits perfectly with Qiqi whose heal ability scales with ATK. The passive effect that increases ATK with each hit is also suitable because it can increase  Qiqi 's healing ability.

3. Sacrificial Sword (B4)

You can use this weapon if you don't have a Skyward Blade or Summit Shaper. Sacrificial Sword has an Energy Recharge substate (61.3% at level 90) which is useful for speeding up energy regeneration for Elemental attacks.

Sacrificial Sword has a passive ability, that is, when Elemental Skills are used to inflict damage on enemies, there is an 80% chance that Elemental Skills can be reset. This ability is certainly very important to replenish Qiqi energy whose Burst is quite wasteful.

Best Artifact for Qiqi Build

1. 4-set Ocean-hued Clam

  • 2-set:  Character healing effectiveness +15%
  • 4-set:  Creates a bubble that accumulates the heal the party receives. After 3 seconds, the bubble explodes and deals with Physical DMG which is calculated from 90% of the heat generated.

It was discussed earlier that the new update makes Qiqi stronger. All because of the emergence of a new artifact, the Ocean-hued Clam.

The effect of this artifact is very suitable for Qiqi whose healing is over-time. Moreover, he also has a definitely high ATK so he can maximize his heal abilities.

2. 4-set Maiden Beloved

  • 2-set: Character healing effectiveness +15%
  • 4-set: Using an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst increases the healing received by all party members by 20% for 10 seconds.

This artifact is the most recommended for Healer characters like Qiqi to use. If you have a full set of these artifacts, Qiqi's healing will increase. As long as the 4-set effect is met, the healing effectiveness received can reach 35%.

3. 2-set Maiden Beloved & 2-set Gladiator’s Finale

  • 2-set Maiden Beloved: Character healing effectiveness +15%
  • 2-set Gladiator’s Finales: ATK +18%

You have to remember, the heal that Qiqi produces also comes from her Basic ATK. The combination of Maiden Beloved and Gladiator's Finale can be a recommendation for the second artifact that you can use.

With an additional 15% healing and 18% ATK, Qiqi's healing effect is even greater.

Best Lineup for Qiqi

In this build, Qiqi is focused on being a healer character only. Hence, he can be matched with many characters. However, to maximize the Superconduct effect, you can use Razor as Main DPS, Zhongli as a shielder, another Cryo character like Rosaria to maximize Resonance.

Razor in this lineup becomes Main DPS and activates Elemental Reaction Superconduct generated from Cryo Qiqi elements. With this reaction, Razor's Physical DMG will increase. You can also use Keqing with a Physical build as an alternative to Main DPS.

Meanwhile, Zhongli can act as a shielder and Burst DPS. The existence of a shield is also very synergistic if you use the Summit Shaper as the main weapon.

For the remaining slots, recommends Sub DPS Cryo characters such as Ganyu or Rosaria. Because the composition of two Cryos increases CRIT Hit% so that it can maximize the ability to play DPS.

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