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Build Natalia Hurts Super Painful Damage The Most Feared Assassin Who Must Be Banned!!!

Hello guys welcome back at bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. This time we will discuss the Most Unlawful Hero Assassin, Natalia and Build Natalia, whose damage is super painful so this hero must be banned in Mobile Legend ranked mode.

Build Natalia Hurts

This Natalia is a recently revamped hero assassin who has the Deadly Burst Damage ability. Natalia has the ability to disappear to give a Silence effect to the opponent and it is Natalia’s most powerful passive skill of all Hero passive skills in the Mobile Legend game. When using this skill on an opponent, you can do additional damage by attacking your opponent from behind and giving a Silence effect for 2 seconds. Natalia also has skill 2 which can provide an immune effect against all Basic Attacks, which is of course very effective, especially against Marksman. Now besides that Natalia has a very deadly ultimate skill where she can activate her assassin instinct and enter Stealth Mode which can disappear in an instant up to 2 times and strengthen her Basic Physical Attack so that Natalia is the most meta assassin hero in this season and is often banned in ranked mode. In addition to the skill that is quite strong which is owned by Hero Natalia. I will also provide recommendations for items that are good for use by Hero Natalia so that it can easily eliminate opponents quickly, Check this out.

Here are the items for the Hero Natalia Bright Claw.

Rapid Boots
The first item in Build Natalia is the Rapid Boots item. This shoe item can add movement speed. This item is very suitable for Natalia’s hero who is always rooming to help the team gank against the enemy. For those of you who want to use Natalia’s hero, use these rapid boots so that the walk is faster.

Blade of The Heptaseas
The second item in Build Natalia is the Blade of The Heptaseas item. This item is a physical item that can provide physical damage and also get additional HP. In addition, this item can also provide physical penetration which can reduce the enemy’s physical defense. This item is also when Natalia’s hero is not damaged for 5 seconds, this item can provide additional basic attack extra damage of 180 + 100% to the enemy, wow amazing. So this item must be used by this Natalia hero, guys.

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The third item in Build Natalia is a Wintalker item. The item is an item that increases attack speed while providing critical chance and also movement speed. When Natalia can activate this item, Natalia can give fast attacks and high critical damage to opponents, guys. With this item, the enemy is definitely easy to eliminate, especially since this item provides additional movement speed that is useful for chasing enemies who are running away. So this item must be used by Natalia guys.

Berseker’s Fury
The fourth item in Build Natalia is Berseker’s Fury. The item is a physical item that Natalia must use because with this item Natalia can give the hero physical attack and also high critical damage, guys. Every time she does a physical attack, Natalia will give a critical chance against the enemy. Wow, so you do physical attacks that will be able to add high physical attack damage. Now besides that, when Natalia’s Hero attacks from behind, it can increase the damage that Natalia has. With items Natalia can eliminate enemies quickly, guys.

Scarlet Phantom
The fifth item in Build Natalia is Scarlet Phantom. This item is an item that can add physical attack and attack speed along with Critical chance. When Natalia can give a critical, the hero’s attack speed also increases and the critical chance also increases. With this item Natalia deals greater damage to the enemy, no wonder Natalia is often used now. This item is suitable for use by Natalia because in addition to providing physical damage, it also provides critical damage.

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Blade of Despair
The last item in Build Natalia is Blade of Despair. This item is an item that can provide a drastic physical attack, guys. With this item, Natalia can give high physical damage to the opponent. This allows Natalia to easily eliminate opponents quickly. If Natalia meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase additional physical attacks to Natalia so that Natalia can be feared by opponents in the match.

This is the Hurt Natalia Hero Build

Natalia's item hurts

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
See you in the next episode, Bye!!!

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