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Build Lancelot RRQ Xin at MPL Invitational RRQ Vs Evos

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give Build Lancelot RRQ Xin against Evos in the Mobile Legends MPL Invitation Playoff Tournament.

Build lancelot RRQ Xin Hurts

This Lancelot is a hero assassin who has the ability to Burst Deadly Damage. For the difficulty level of this hero, it’s easy because Lancelot has a Stab skill that can advance at high speed towards the enemy and give Sword Mark status to inflict more damage on the opponent. This skill can be used to kill enemy heroes who are trying to escape because they are dying or can be used by Lancelot to escape from the enemy. In addition, Lancelot has a Thorned Rose which can issue three-way attacks at once that form a triangle. This skill can be your provision to kill minions quickly or torture enemies who are in the same lane with you, especially malee heroes. RRQ Xin, one of the best user assassin users in Indonesia, who used this Hero Lancelot in the MPL Invitational tournament against Evos Legend, managed to win the match because Hero Lancelor from RRQ Xin was very agile and could not be eliminated by the enemy so RRQ could win the match. This time I will give Build Lancelot RRQ Xin in the MPL Invitational Tournament, Check this out!.

The following items are Hero Lancelot Perfumed Knight.

Raptor Machete
The first item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is a Raptor Machete. This item is a jungle item that can provide additional damage to minions and jungles so that when farming it will be faster. This item also provides physical attack and physical penetration to the enemy. The next basic attack will deal true damage and also cause a slow effect to the opponent. So this item must be used by Lancelot’s hero in order to farm quickly.

Tough Boots
The second item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is Tough Boots. These shoes can reduce the duration of crowd control for lancelot so that they are not easily affected by the CC effect of the opponent’s hero and can also add magical defense so that they can further harden themselves from enemy magic hero attacks. So in this fight against the enemy team, lancelot can last longer than enemy attacks.

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Blade of Despair
The third item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is Blade Of Despair. This item is a high physical damage item that can significantly increase Lancelot’s Hero Damage. With this item Lancelot can give very high Physical Attack Damage so that the opponent is quickly eliminated. In addition, if Lancelot meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase Lancelot’s additional physical attack so that Lancelot can inflict very deadly damage on his enemy. So this item must be used by Lancelot because this item is the main item of Lancelot’s hero.

Endless Battle
The fourth item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is Endless Battle. This item can increase basic attack attacks for its users. So when Lancelot uses this item, it can increase basic attacks and physical attacks as additional true damage to the opponent. This item also provides a very important physical lifesteal for this Lancelot hero. In addition, Endless battle is also Physical, HP, additional Cooldown Reduction. So with the help of this item Lancelot can do farming in the forest or recover HP by attacking creeps and dealing maximum damage to the opponent.

The fifth item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is a Wintalker item. The item is an item that increases attack speed while providing critical chance and also movement speed. So Lancelot can give fast attacks and high critical damage to opponents. With this item, the enemy is definitely easy to eliminate, especially since this item provides additional movement speed that is useful for chasing enemies who are running away.

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Blade of The Heptaseas
The last item in the Lancelot RRQ Xin Build is the Blade of The Heptaseas item. This item is a physical item that can provide physical damage and also get additional HP. In addition, this item can also provide physical penetration which can reduce the enemy’s physical defense. This item is also when Lancelot’s hero is not damaged for 5 seconds, this item can provide additional basic attack extra damage of 180 + 100% to the enemy. So this item must be used by core heroes like Lancelot.

This is the Build Hero Lancelot RRQ Xin Hurts in MPLI Vs Evos

RRQ Xin's lancelot item hurts

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