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Build Kagura Revamp for Season 22

 Kagura is a  popular  Hero Mage in Mobile Legends. However, not long after his prime, he got a nerf that made him rarely seen again. Even so, some real users still use Kagura due to several phases, especially in the mid to late game.

On September 24, 2021, Moonton released a major update in  Project NEXT phase 3. One that is presented in this update is the revamp of several heroes including Kagura.

With the revamp, Kagura will get a  buff and change the effect on her skills which makes this Mage predicted to be back in the list of Hero meta in Season 22  Mobile Legends.

For those of you who want to play again or are just about to play Kagura, let's check out the latest Kagura tips and builds below!

Tips Build Kagura Mobile Legends

1. Kagura Skill Explanation and Combo

Kagura is a Hero Mage who has seven skills. Before discussing it further, you must first know the effects of the seven skills and the Kagura skill combo.

Kagura Skill Explanation

Passive Skill – Yin Yang Gathering:  When Kagura takes the umbrella, it gains a shield and stuns nearby enemies.

Skill 1 – Seimei Umbrella Open (Blue): Kagura throws an umbrella, dealing 290 (+105%) magic damage to enemies along the way and causing a slow effect.

Skill 2 – Rasho Umbrella Flee (Blue): Kagura leaves her umbrella behind, removes all debuffs, and moves in the specified direction.

Ultimate Skill – Yin Yang Overturn (Blue): With an umbrella, Kagura deals 330 magic damage causing a knockback effect to the opponent and slowing the opponent by 65%.

Skill 1 – Seimei Umbrella Open (Purple): Kagura moves the umbrella in the specified direction, dealing 290 (+105% Total Magic Damage) magic damage and slowing it by 60%.

Skill 2 - Rasho Umbrella Flee (Purple): Kagura jumps to the location the umbrella is and takes it back, giving 300 (+90% Total Magic Damage) magic damage to the opponent around.

Ultimate Skill – Ying Yang Overturn (Purple): Kagura deals damage to enemies around the umbrella, after 1.5 seconds, enemies in the umbrella attack area will be drawn closer and receive 400 (+145% Total Magic Damage)

Combo Skill Kagura

Kagura can repay the opponent's blood by using skill 1 from a distance. However, this combo will not be able to directly kill the opponent. To maximize its potential, first, you can throw an umbrella near the enemy.

Next, activate the ultimate around the enemy. After the target is dragged near the umbrella, you immediately activate combo skill 2 and ultimate again.

Even though it looks quite complicated, you can easily eliminate your opponent with this combo.

2. Build Kagura Mobile Legends

The right build will make Kagura's abilities come out to the maximum. So, don't build carelessly, okay? It's better for you to try to follow the Kagura build recommendations from this Top Global player!

Item Build Kagura Top Global

1. Arcane Boots: This item is useful for increasing Kagura's skill damage in the early game. Because you can reduce the enemy's Magic RES from the beginning of the game.

2. The clock of Destiny: Kagura is quite a waste of mana, with this item, you will get a large additional Mana. Not only that, this unique passive item can increase Magic Attack by 5% and get an additional 300 Mana.

3. Lightning Truncheon: This item has many functions that are very useful for Kagura. In addition, the unique passive of this item can deal bouncing damage to a maximum of three opponents for 20-1000 Magic Damage.

4. Genius Wand: In order to increase damage, of course, you need items that can reduce their Magic RES. By adding this item there is an effect of 10+ PEN and reduces the enemy's defense from 2-9 points for two seconds.

5. Holy Crystal: Damage is still less painful? Use this item to increase 35% Magic Attack and 100 Magic Power.

6. Divine Glaive: This item will be very useful if you are dealing with opposing Heroes who have large Magic DEF such as Hero Tanks and Fighters.

The most suitable Battle Spell for Kagura is Execute or Flameshot. With this, you can get an effective finishing combo to secure kills.

While there are two suitable Emblems for Kagura, namely the Mage Emblem with Magic Worship talent to give a burn effect or the Mystery Shop Emblem to make item collection faster.

3. Tips Using Kagura

When the new game starts, you have to go to the mid-lane. This is the best lane for Hero Mage. In this lane, you will have a spacious farming space and it's faster to roam down and up to help teams that are having a hard time.

You can use skill 1 Kagura to do zoning in the laning phase. So you can freely farm and turn off enemy steps to get EXP from minions.

During the mid to late game,  Kagura's focus is only one, namely roaming and continuing to lure the opponent's Hero with skill 1. During the war, you have to be smart in positioning. You can attack from a distance during the war and can lock the opponent's Hero's movements using the ultimate skill.

One more important thing, throw the umbrella as much as possible at the Hero's core or soft enemies like Mage. You see, Kagura can easily do a lot of damage. That way you can kill the opponent's Hero core and victory can be obtained easily.

4. Advantages of Kagura

The revamped version of Kagura is actually not too different, especially in terms of advantages like the previous version. However, Kagura now has more flexible crowd control than the old version. Here are the advantages of Kagura:

  1. Has great damage, especially in the mid to late game
  2. Have a good crowd control effect
  3. The attack effect is quite far
  4. High mobility
  5. Movement is difficult to predict if you are good at playing "umbrella"

5. Lack of Kagura

Talking about his shortcomings, Kagura is clearly very vulnerable to being killed because his durability is minimal. In addition, Kagura is also not very effective when playing openly with typical heroes such as Marksman or Tanks in the late game. Here are the disadvantages of Kagura:

  1. Hero mechanic is high so it's hard to master
  2. Low durability
  3. Relying too much on skills
  4. Cannot play open with Hero Marksman in the late game

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