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Welcome back GMLBB friends, this time we will discuss BUILD HERO FANNY BY JESS NO LIMIT 2022.

As usual, GMLBB will discuss thoroughly about the Mobile Legends game. What will be discussed this time is Jess’s Fanny no Limit. We will discuss thoroughly starting from the items used by Jess, the emblems to the spells used by this former EVOS player.

Fanny is a hero with the Assassin role, this assassin hero is terrible, especially if Jess uses it. Jess plus Fanny auto win anyway. Unfortunately, Fanny’s horror cannot be used by everyone, because Fanny is known as the most difficult character in Mobile Legends.

Although it is very difficult to control, this one hero is actually very scary. Maybe some of the readers have faced Fanny who is very GG, so hard to kill. Maniac and Savage are very often heard when pro user Fanny acts in Land of Down.

Then, what item did Jess use? the emblem? Also the spell he uses?

Before going there, we will first discuss Fanny’s active and passive skills below.

Passive (Air Superiority)

Based on her flight speed, Fanny’s damage while flying will increase by 15% to 30% and inflict preymark on the target (can be staked up to 2 times) each stake regenerates energy by 10 when she deals damage to enemies with preymark. (The energy regeneration effect decays if he deals damage to multiple enemy heroes in a short period of time.)

Skill 1 ( Tornado Strike )
CD: 3.5
Energy Cost : 25

Fanny rotates her sword, dealing 260 (+90% total physical ATK) physical damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 2 (Steel Cable)
CD : 0.0
Energy Cost : 18

Fanny tossed the cable that pulled her into the first obstacle the cable hit. each successive use of a skill within 2 seconds reduces energy consumption by 1 and changes its flight direction. if the energy is sufficient and he hits the opponent while flying, it will trigger a Tornado Strike.

Skill 3 (Cut Throat)
CD : 35.0
Energy Cost : 30

Fanny starts a quick attack on the opponent, dealing 500 (+240% extra physical attack) physical damage. each preymark stake on the opponent will increase his damage by 20%

So that’s the discussion of Fanny’s skills.

Next, we discuss the emblem used by Jess no Limit.

The emblem he uses is the Fighter emblem as below:

Custo Fighter Emblem Level 60

HP +273
Physical PEN +11
Physical Attack +28
Physical Defense +8
Magical Defense +8

Festival of Blood
Get 8% Spell Vamp. Eliminating each enemy hero gives an additional 1% Spell Vamp (Maximum 12%)

With the Fighter Jess no Limit emblem using the retribution spell.

Deals 540(+60*hero level) True damage to nearby creeps or minions (damage increases with level).

Passive: when carrying a jungling equipment item, permanently reduces the damage taken from creeps by 40%.

Next is Fanny’s sickest item that Jess no Limit uses:

+15% Physical PEN

Attributes: +50% damage to monsters
Unique Passive-Breakout : For every 10 seconds, the next basic attack of the hero will deal an additional 50 true damage at least (increases with the growth of the hero’s level) and cause a slow effect to the opponent by 30% lasting for 1 second.
Casting a basic attack will reduce the cooldown.
Unique Passive-Greed: gain extra 25% EXP when jungling. After defeating a creep, restores HP by 4% and mana by 10%.
Unique passive gorge: eliminate creeps to increase physical attack by 4. Maximum up to 15 layers.

Unique Passive-: Makes a retribution battle spell usable against enemy heroes, reduces the target’s movement speed by 70% and deals a small amount of true damage within 3 seconds. Giving another advanced jungle item will disable this effect.

+22 Magical defense

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD

Unique Passive-Fortitude: Reduces Crowd Control duration by 30%

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive- Despair: attacking an enemy unit that has HP below 50% will increase the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (effect active before damage quality)

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces damage taken by 50% when HP is below 40% and increases Physical Lifesteal by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

+15% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive-Divine Justice: After using the next basic attack skill will deal an additional 85% physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Unique Passive-Chase Fate: When the divine justice effect is active, the hero’s movement speed will increase by 10%.

Now that’s the discussion about BUILD HERO FANNY BY JESS NO LIMIT 2022. If you want to try it, I suggest trying it in classic mode first, considering that Fanny is the most difficult character in Mobile Legends.

If you want to request items from other heroes, please write them in the comments column. Thank you for visiting GMLBB, our next article will certainly be about Mobile Legends.

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