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Best Hero Assassin in Mobile Legend 2022

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Today I will give more info about Mobile Legends for sure. This time we will discuss the 6 Best Assassin Heroes and their Build Recommendations in Season 17 of Mobile Legend, Check this out !!.

Here are the 6 Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legend

1. Ling

hero ling

Ling is a hero assassin who has extraordinary skills where Ling can jump from wall to wall quickly and can move anywhere in the Battlefield. Ling has a Defiant Sword skill that can deal critical damage and this skill can also deal large Burst Damage. In addition, Ling has a very deadly ultimate skill where he can jump into the air and take out his swordsmanship and become invincible and can move freely and cause a knock up effect area. So this ultimate skill can help ling avoid deadly damage and ling can cause a crowd control effect if it hits an opponent with this ultimate skill. By touching Field Eye, Ling can Reset Defiant Sword and restore Lightness Point and deal deadly Burst Damage to enemies.

Build Ling

ling hero items

2. Helcurt

Hero Helcurt

Helcurt is a hero assassin specializing in Change Burst Damage who has deadly skills. Helcurt has a skill that can give the enemy a silence effect so that the enemy cannot use the skill for a short time. In addition, Helcurt has the Deadly Stinger skill which is the main damage skill possessed by Helcurt which if this skill has a full stack it will give very drastic damage to the enemy. And the ultimate skill that can block the opponent’s hero’s vision and increase the movement speed of helcurt, is very good combined with skill 2 so that the enemy is quickly eliminated.

Build Helcurt

helcurt hero items

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3. Lancelot

hero lancelot

Lancelot is a hero assassin who has the ability to Burst Deadly Damage. For the difficulty level of this hero, it’s easy because Lancelot has a Stab skill that can advance at high speed towards the enemy and give Sword Mark status to inflict more damage on the opponent. This skill can be used to kill enemy heroes who are trying to escape because they are dying or can be used by Lancelot to escape from the enemy. In addition, Lancelot has a Thorned Rose which can issue three-way attacks at once that form a triangle. This skill can be your provision to kill minions quickly or torture enemies who are in the same lane with you, especially malee heroes.

Build Lancelot

lancelot hero items

4. Hayabusa

hayabusa heroes

Hayabusa is a Hero Assassin who specializes in Charge Burst Damage which has a fairly high level of difficulty. Hero Gusion is a very Over Powered hero who can quickly eliminate enemies with solo skills. Hayabusa has skill 1 which can throw 3 shuriken forward, dealing damage and slowing the opponent. Then Hayabusa has skill 2 which can go to 4 directions and makes Hayabusa move to the place where his shadow is. In addition, hayabusa has the ultimate where hayabusa becomes a shadow in the form of multiple attacks on the enemy’s body continuously for a specified time.

Build Hayabusa

hayabusa hero items

5. Selena

hero selena

Selena is a Hero Mage Assassin who specializes in Reap Burst Damage which has a high level of difficulty. Selena has 6 skills that are difficult to use because Selena’s player must have hand speed and the right timing. Selena has the abyssal trap skill to lurk in a predetermined location as a map opener so that the enemy’s position can be seen. In addition, this abyssal trap skill can be combined with the abyssal arrow which can cause a stun effect on the enemy when hit with this skill.

Build Selena

selena hero items

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6. Natalia

natalia hero

This Natalia is a recently revamped hero assassin who has the Deadly Burst Damage ability. Natalia has the ability to disappear to give a Silence effect to the opponent and it is Natalia’s most powerful passive skill of all Hero passive skills in the Mobile Legend game. When using this skill on an opponent, you can do additional damage by attacking your opponent from behind and giving a Silence effect for 2 seconds. Natalia also has skill 2 which can give an immune effect to all Basic Attacks, which is of course very effective, especially against Marksman. Now besides that Natalia has a very deadly ultimate skill where she can activate her assassin instinct and enter Stealth Mode which can disappear in an instant up to 2 times and strengthen her Basic Physical Attack so that Natalia is difficult to beat.

Build Natalia

natalia hero items

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
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