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Avoid getting off at 3 Alpine Free Fire Map Locations

Like any other map in the game Free Fire, the Alpine map also has its own uniqueness.

One of them is the location of snow that can be found continuously.

This map also has a cool feel and look.

However, there are some locations that should be avoided as drop zones.

Here are 3 locations that are not suitable to be used as drop zones.

1. Rye

Rye is located at the bottom of the Alpine map which gives it a ranch feel.

In this location, the player will find a large field that is only filled with hay so it will pose a great risk if he meets the enemy.

In addition, this location also does not have adequate loot.

2. Ocean View

In this location, players will be presented with views of the sea and there are many houses.

Players can loot in these houses.

Ocean View is a location that is not as big as other locations so it will be difficult for players when playing squad.

3. Carousel

The next location that is less suitable for getting off is the Carousel.

In this place, players will only find a few houses.

Therefore this location only has a small supply of loot.

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