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Assassin Meta Synergy Combo Sick Magic Chess

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Today I will give you information about Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. This time I will give Combo Tips that are suitable for synergy assassins in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

Synergy assassin

Synergy Assassin is a synergy consisting of assassin heroes. To activate this synergy assassin, you must have 6 synergy assassin heroes installed in the magic chess game. Here we need to need a different team hero of the synergy assassin type to activate this effect. If there are 3 synergy assassin heroes, they can activate 3 additional Quick Attacks while using Basic Attacks and deal 50 True Damage. If there are 6 synergy assassin heroes, they can activate 3 additional Quick Attacks while using Basic Attacks and deal 165 True Damage to enemies. Hero Assassins include Karina, Selena, Saber, Ling, Natalia, Gusion and Lancelot.

Synergy Assassin is very good to use because it is easy to get and has high damage. Synergy Assassin can attack enemies from behind so that they can target enemy core heroes for elimination. In addition, this synergy assassin which consists of several hero assassins, if you can activate the synergy assassin, you can get additional true damage to the opponent so that the enemy can be easily eliminated and the hero from this synergy assassin also has high damage so that he can defeat the enemy quickly on the battlefield. . By using this synergy assassin, apart from being able to deal high damage, you can also counter other synergy heroes such as synergy marksman because this synergy assassin can attack enemies from behind and can do true damage. So this synergy assassin is suitable to use because it has high damage and is easy to eliminate enemies quickly.
After that we can combine this Synergy Assassin with Synergy Fighter because this synergy fighter can be used as a shield or a diversion for opposing tanks, while our synergy assassin can directly attack the hero core from behind. In addition, this synergy is also combined with the Synergy Abyss and the Monatery of Light synergy. Synergy Abyss can help reduce the defense of the opponent’s hero while Synergy Monastery of Light can provide additional defense magic damage so that it is not easily defeated when fighting a synergy mage. So this synergy can be combined with the synergy fighter, the synergy abyss and the synergy monastery of light so that it becomes the worst synergy combo in magic chess.

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The advantages of Synergy Assassin

  • Easy to get
  • Can Directly Attack the enemy’s Hero Core from behind
  • Has High Damage
  • Has True Damage
  • Become the best counter for synergy marksman and synergy mage

Here I will give 1 good combo for synergy assassin combined with synergy fighter, abyss and monastery. Here’s the combo for the synergy assassin, check this out.

Combo 6 Synergy Assassin, 3 Synergy Fighter, 2 Abyss, 2 Monastery.

  • Synergy Assassin: Gusion, Saber, Lancelot, Ling, Karina
  • Synergy Fighter: Alucard
  • Synergy Abyss: Thamuz, Argus
  • Synergy Monastery: Natalia

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Quick tips to get it

  • Collect the synergy assassin heroes that you get first to quickly activate the synergy 6 assassins.
  • Set the formation between heroes remotely because it avoids synergy crowd control
  • Take advantage in the Round against attacks from capable monsters in the selection phase to take syngery assassins, physical items, hero upgrades or commander capacity upgrades.
  • Use commander Abe level 2 to give additional damage to the opponent’s commander so that the opponent can be eliminated quickly to win the match in magic chess.

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
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