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9 Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile the Barbarian Way

Tips and how to play PUBG Mobile in bars

mrfdn – One of the fun things about playing pubg mobile is playing in Georgopol. This location is on the Erangel map. If you can master georgopol it will be very fun.

Not a few players who want to try their luck playing in bars, survive in this location. Barbarian itself is a way of playing where the player is actively looking for opponents/enemies. Here are tips for playing barbarian.

1. If you play at Georgopol, don’t be too bary

Because here is a nest of players who like to play tpp. Just a little wrong focus will make you quickly otw lobby.

pubg-mobile-barbarian-playing tips

You must be calm when you see the enemy in front, do not rush to chase him. Watch how many squads drop there.

2. Look for good weapons and accessories first.

Look for the best weapons and accessories. Such as beryl, shotgun, equip weapons with accessories. Getting m416 guns is not easy here, mostly brown bullets and shotgun bullets.


After the weapons are complete, prepare the vehicle. Because the Erangel map is wide enough to run. If you are late you might die outside the zone.

3. Keep calm during the game.

The point is to be calm in playing, while thinking about where the enemy is. Don’t rush and don’t panic.

4. Take advantage of the flare gun to attract enemies

This is quite useful when you are playing solo vs squad. When you use a flare gun, several enemies from other directions will approach the location where the flare gun drops.

After firing the flare gun, find a safe hiding place, which you can use to peek at the enemy. For example at home, or a nearby building.

If you are not careful you will be read by the enemy.

5. If the enemy knows your position

The choice is to run away or fight it. Consider the weapons you use and your position in the face of the enemy.


If you want to face an enemy that shoots you, make sure you are in a safe location. If not, just run away.

6. Take the smoke bomb

Use it as a protector when you revive yourself or your friends.

7. If the enemy is shot while riding a car

Do not stop. If you stop you will immediately die on the spot. Just keep going, until you find a safe location to stop.

This is a mistake that many pubg mobile game players make.

8. If the equipment is full, don’t look for more equipment

Do not be a player who is too greedy. If you are satisfied with your current equipment, use it until the end of the game. Because if you focus on looking for weapons and accessories you will not focus on the match.

Now focus on the enemy only. Listen to the steps, but don’t go forward until you know exactly where the enemy is.

9. Don’t panic when you see the enemy

Do prone or bent down. Slow but sure.

pubg mobile barbarian chicken dinner

If you can get dyke or grass clothes, this will be enough to make you invisible to the enemy.

If you use dyke, and meet the enemy in front, don’t use a sniper. Use medium range weapons such as m416, akm, ump9, and others. It’s useless for you to use dyke but it’s difficult to shoot because the weapon you use is a sniper (awm, kar, etc.).

If you advance towards the enemy, make sure you have a gun and are ready to shoot the enemy.

The final word

Those are tips for playing bars in the pubg mobile game. Hopefully this article is useful for you lovers of this fps game.

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