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9 Choice of Bulletproof Cars in the Fastest Number 8 PUBG Game

The best bulletproof car in PUBG Mobile

mrfdn – In pubg mobile games, of course, we often use cars or similar vehicles. The function of the vehicle is to transport/carry players from one place to another. Without a vehicle, it will be difficult for us to move spots to look for weapons or chase enemies.

In addition, the vehicle is also very useful when walking from outside the zone to the safe zone. So as not to die outside the zone.

vehicle-pubg-mobile-Armored uaz-Uaz close top-Uaz open top-Pick u-Van-Dacia-Rony-Mirado-Buggy

I’m sure you’ve died while running after a shrinking zone. Yes, right!

For that, let’s try to look at some of the car models in pubg mobile. It turns out that not all cars have the same power and speed.

The vehicles in this game have advantages and disadvantages. Some are tight but not bulletproof.

There are also cars that can only be obtained in certain maps, and there are also those that must be obtained through a flare gun.

By choosing the right vehicle, your chances of getting a chicken dinner will be greater.

There are 9 cars that are often found in pubg mobile games such as,

  1. Armored Uaz
  2. Uaz close top
  3. Uaz open top
  4. Pick up
  5. Van
  6. Dacia
  7. Ron
  8. Mirado
  9. buggy

Here’s the explanation..

1. Armored uaz pubg mobile

pubg mobile uaz mobile

This vehicle is one of the most bulletproof vehicles. Using this car, it is guaranteed that the opponent’s bullet will be difficult to penetrate when shot by an unknown opponent. The only way to get this car is to use a flare gun. This car contains 4 players. And able to walk at a speed of 115 km / h

2. Uaz close top


This bullet-proof car has the same durability and speed as the armored uaz. But the difference is only in the roof. Which has a cover on the roof. You don’t need a flare gun to get this cool car.

3. Uaz open top

The shape is the same as a jeep. The top is open. While the durability is also the same as the UAZ, it’s just that it can’t be driven. Because the maximum speed is only at 110km/h.

4. Pick up

This car is only available on the miramar map. It can load 4 people and is able to walk at a speed of 72km/h.

5. Van


If chasing many passengers, van Tayo is the champion. Because this car can also fit up to 6 people. In addition, this car is quite strong even though it was hit by a lot of bullets. You can get Van Tayo on the Miramar and Sanhok maps.

6. Dacia


This car is almost on all maps. And the fact is that the Dacia sedan can run at a speed of 139km/h and has good endurance.

7. Ron

rony pubg mobile car

Rony is the slowest car. And it’s not safe to walk with the squad.

8. Mirado

mirado pubg mobile car fast bulletproof

The shape is a sedan, but only fits 2 people. Even so, this car can be driven at a speed of 152 km / h. You can find this car at Miramar.

9. Buggy

pubg mobile buggy car is fuel efficient

Surely you are no stranger to this one car. All terrain can be beaten, want off road, or asphalt, enter the forest, and others. This car only fits 2 people. And it’s more fuel efficient than a sedan. The usual speed is only 100 km / h.


Those are the most powerful types of cars in the pubg mobile game. Maybe you often use one of them.

By choosing the right car, at least you can know what to do to get chicken dinner in the pubg mobile game.

Try to mention which car is your mainstay.

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