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8 Strongest & Best Magic Chess Commanders 2022

8 Strongest & Best Magic Chess Commanders 2021

The strongest & Best Magic Chess Commander is one of the most important modes before you start the best match Moontoon has created a variety of Little Commanders with various skills so you can easily choose them

This character is tasked with formulating a strategy in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Therefore, it is the most important thing in your direction later when playing.

You can buy the best Commander, both the latest and for free, that Moontoon has provided.

List of Strongest Magic Chess Commanders

Here is the strongest Little Commander that we recommend for you:

1. Buss

Buss is the strongest and best Commander in the Mythic tier. Generally he is shaped like a magician’s cat and is already very famous for his skills. Of all the skills, the level 1 skill that has the advantage of being able to refresh the shop is Boon to the Weak.

Boon to the Weak

The strongest Commander Magic Chess skill level 1 will only appear when you lose in 1 Round. If you receive less than 10 damage, then you will get a chance or one free chance. Likewise, if you get more than 10 damage, you will get a refresh shop 2 opportunities for free.

Skill level 1 is very suitable for you to use lose track gameplay in the first 3-4 rounds. Because this can give you an opportunity to get a 2 or 3 star hero.


The Midas Touch

This level 3 skill can be activated at the placement stage. With this skill, you will have the opportunity to refresh the shop with a hero priced at 5 gold. The hero will appear randomly. Information for you, the cooldown of this skill is 15 rounds, so it can only be used 1-2 times.


Waste Not, Want Not

This skill is a level 2 skill. Each round of gold in this skill is only 1 gold. However, for those of you who enter the battle stage, if you refresh the first 3 times, you will get a discount of 1 gold for each round.

2. Remy

Remy is the strongest Magic Chess Commander that is used most in various tournaments. Generally this Commander can provide additional gold than other Commanders. This is Commander skill 3, namely Gold = Life.

3. Benny

The Commander is in the form of a panther which is quite popular. But what you need to know, from his 3 skills, he is sometimes banned in various tournaments. Even Benny’s trap skill irritated other players. Especially if you do trap placement.

4. Mavis

The strongest Commander Magic Chess is in the form of a vampire bat. Just introduced in season 2 of Magic Chess. This skill from Commander focuses more on HP regeneration when winning tournaments every round.

5. Eggie

This Commander is similar to the Digie hero. It’s just that, there are egg shells and a propeller on top of the head. This skill is more focused on leveling up.

6. Abe

At first glance, this Commander is more similar to the Mobile Legend hero Akai. Cuter shaped with aggressive skills so you do the gameplay quickly and actively.

7. Yuki

This strongest Magic Chess Commander is quite unique. At level 2 and 3, this Commander requires 2 hero sacrifices to be active. The skills are also complex. But you need the right strategy in using the Yuki.

8. Connie

This Commander is usually in the form of a sheep that looks cute and unique. The Commander was introduced in season 3 of Magic Chess.

The Commander is often used for rank and tournament modes. But again, the luck of the player depends on the ability of the player himself and his hockey.

By knowing the strongest Magic Chess Commander, you can play more aggressively and excitingly for the best results.

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