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8 Easiest Hero Carry but Still Over Power in Season 16

One of the best solutions to be able to quickly rank up is that you have to use the Carry hero, because the carry hero functions as a killing machine. For tank or support users, you must often feel uncomfortable when you have a carry that can’t play. It’s been hard to get along with farming, but apparently he can’t play as expected.

Even for epic tiers and below, it’s best if you use a carry hero, because once it’s finished it will be very easy to flatten the enemy team. Even if in our team there are AFK, feeders, can’t play and others, we can carry the team.
So for those of you who want to learn hero carry, learn from the easiest first. Well, here are some recommendations for carry heroes that are easy to use but very overpowered this season.
Here’s an explanation of the 8 Easiest Carry Heroes but Still Over Power in Season 16
1. Esmeralda (suitable for midlaner)
Esmeralda has a tank role as well as a Mage. And if you use him as a Mage on your team, he is also still strong enough to survive when the war takes place. Esmeralda is very suitable for fighting close-range heroes, because it can get a shield so the opponent will have a hard time killing this one hero. When compared to other carry-type mages, Esmeralda is one of the easiest to use but still quite overpowered. That’s why it’s one of the carry heroes that we recommend for Midlaner in the role mage.
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2. Cecilion (Very Strong in Late Game)
Cecilion is also a suitable hero mage in the midlane, who is currently in the meta, because he has a large burst damage and he is very strong when entering the late game. Every skill that Cecilion has has an attack effect, besides that almost all attacks from this hero are burst types which are very profitable, especially during war. Even though he actually has a unique skill if we have Carmilla in our team, unfortunately for the current meta this combo is rarely seen in ranked mode.
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1. Irithel (Attacking with walking sauce)
Iritel is one of the marksman who has terrible damage in the late game. In fact, we can kill one of the opponent’s heroes with just two shots. Irithel can also shoot while walking thanks to the ability of his passive skill. The first skill that can reduce the opponent’s physical defense will be very useful when we fight tank heroes. And for his second skill he will give a slow effect which is quite annoying, and don’t forget that the scariest thing about Irithel is his Ultimate skill. Because this skill will deal very high damage, not only that, Irithel’s basic attacks will also explode giving damage to the area so that she will be very effective during the war.
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2. Bruno (Critical Spam from Early Game)
After experiencing a slight revamp, Bruno has now transformed into a very feared marksman, because he can give very high and deadly Brust damage, even in the early game this hero is very scary. One of the scary things about Bruno is his passive skill, this skill will deal critical damage that can be stacked, and this critical damage will be higher when combined with fury and several other critical items. He is also an agile marksman hero thanks to his two skills, meanwhile his Ultimate is very useful for team fights, because it can break up the opponent’s formation with a knock back effect and the ball bounces from enemies to nearby enemies.
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For the Assassin category, we feel confused, because on average this assassin hero has a higher level of difficulty when compared to heroes from other roles. But we still chose the two Assassin heroes that were the easiest to use but still overpowered in the game.
1. Natalia (So Easy to Use)
After being revamped some time ago, Natalia is now one of the most feared Assassin heroes. Because now he doesn’t just rely on grass to be invisible, but we can also use his ultimate skill and even worse, this ultimate skill can be used twice. That’s why it’s so easy to use Natalia now, because only from the ultimate combo the enemy can die.
2. Lancelot (Utilizing Skill Dash)
Just like Natalia this hero has also gotten a little revamp in her skills. And thanks to the revamp, it seems that this assassin hero seems to have regained his fangs, which were lost due to drowning due to the large number of new assassin heroes who are more overpowered.
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1. Silvanna (Very Strong for 1 vs 1)
Silvanna is a very strong fighter hero to fight 1vs. 1. And Silvanna’s abilities can also make the enemy forced to buy magic defense, because Silvanna’s magic power is very large, this is what makes Silvanna dominate when fighting 1 vs. 1. One of the annoying things about Silvanna’s hero is that all of her skills give a cowrd control effect. And this will greatly interfere with the movement of the enemy, when dealing with one lane with Silvanna. His 1st skill studs, then his second skill that can suck nearby enemies, especially his Ultimate skill which will make the target enemy trapped in a circle in a few seconds and the enemy will not be able to get out until the effect is lost.
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2. Jawhead (Skill 2 Characteristics)
Jawhead is now quite often used, and one of the best fighters in season 16 is Jawhead. Jawhead has a unique ability, because he can throw friends or enemies in a predetermined direction. This ability can be used to be able to break into the opponent’s formation, or kidnap the opponent secretly. Besides that, Jawhead has great damage, he can finish off a mage or marksman very quickly or in other words, with just one combo.
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So, those were some Carry heroes, which were easy to use but still overpowered for this season. Please if you have other opinions
about other heroes. Don’t hesitate to write in the comments column. Thank you and see you in the next GMLBB article.

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