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7 Ways to Get Free & Permanent Mobile Legends Skin 2022

How to get permanent free ML skin 2022 – Mobile Legends is a MOBA game developed by Moonton. This Mobile Legends game is increasingly popular in Indonesia because it has many exciting modes that you can play.

In addition, the Mobile Legends game also has a variety of cool heroes and skins that will make players more enthusiastic about playing. But not all of these heroes or skins can be obtained for free, you need to top up a certain amount of diamonds to buy skins.

However, for free players, it is not impossible to get a lot of skins in Mobile Legends for free and permanently. Now in this article, Teknolalat will share how to get the latest 2022 Mobile Legends free skin, let’s check it below.

How to Get the Latest Free & Permanent Mobile Legends Skin 2022

There are various tricks on how to get free skins in Mobile Legends, but not all of them are safe and can even cause account loss. Here’s a safe method that you can try to get a permanent free ML skin.

1. Lucky Spin

Permanent free ML skin - lucky spin

The first way to get a free Mobile Legends skin is through Lucky Spin. Not only free skins, but you also have the opportunity to get heroes for free. In Lucky Spin, your luck will be tested by playing Spin using a ticket.

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2. Lucky Shop

Permanent free ML skins - lucky shop

How to get the next free ML skin is through Lucky Shop. Here you need a Lucky Gem Fragment which you can get through Lucky Spin, where you can exchange this Gem for a free hero or skin permanently.

3. Fragment Shop

Permanent free ML skins - fragment shop

Furthermore, you can also get the latest free Mobile Legends skins via Fragment Shop. In this Fragment Shop you can get heroes and various interesting skins ranging from normal, elite, season skins and even starlight skins for free.

To get permanent free ML skins through this Fragment Shop, you need to exchange them for certain Fragments. Where you can get Rare, Premium and Hero Fragments through daily logins, completing missions and events and redeem codes.

4. Limited Events

Permanent free ML skin - limited lucky shop event

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game often holds the latest events with various prizes, especially free permanent ML skins. Of course, you must often log into the game and follow Mobile Legends social media so you don’t miss the latest event information.

For example, Mobile Legends will hold an event in August 2022. Players only need to preorder and login on the specified day, then complete missions to get stamps. This stamp can be used to get Leona skins or Epic skins for free.

5. Guess the Tournament

Permanent free ML skins - guess the tournament

And the next way to get free mobile legends skins is through exchange for guessing tournaments. Here you need Guess Coin which can be obtained every time you log in to the guess tournament menu and also guess the tournament winner correctly.

6. Conquest of Dawn

Permanent free ML skin - conquest of dawn

Next you can also get free ML skins through Contest Conquest of Dawn. Here you can get the Uranus Mech Protector skin by exchanging the Conqueror Medal that you get after participating in the Conquest of Dawn.

7. Season Rewards

Permanent free ML skins - season rewards

And the last way to get Mobile Legends free skins is through Season Prizes. To get this free skin, you only need to push rank up to tier Master. And you will automatically get a free skin after a season reset every 3 months.

Those are some ways to get the free and latest 2022 Mobile Legends skin that you can try and it’s definitely safe. Alright, that’s all for articles about this permanent free ML skin, good luck and hopefully it will be useful.

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